Veneers: Smile Secret of the Affluent

Smile Styles of the Rich and Famous | Westchester County

Have you ever wondered why individuals who are financially successful seem to have perfect teeth? Believe it or not, the pearly white smiles of celebrities are not always photoshopped to perfection, nor do they somehow have better genes. The smile secrets of the affluent are much simpler than you might think, and they start with […]

Tinnitus and TMJ, an Unlikely Pair

TMJ and Tinnitus: a Secret Link | Tarrytown, NY

Temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly referred to as [link id=’52098′ text=’TMJ’], is much more complicated than many think. Instead of a one-size-fits-all disorder, TMJ is an umbrella term used to describe one or more complications affecting the temporomandibular joint. Functioning like a sliding hinge connecting your jawbone to your skull, the temporomandibular joint is interconnected […]