2 Dental Implant Advancements

2 New Dental Implant Discoveries

For the last fifty years, [link id=’50263′ text=’Dental implants’ esc_html=’false’] have been one of the most advanced methods for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants have two main components, the titanium root and the crown.  Dental implants integrate with the body and function much like a natural tooth. First, an implant dentist inserts the titanium implant […]

3 Things TMJ Sufferers Should Know

3 Things You Should Know about TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly referred to as [link id=’53745′ text=’TMJ’] or TMD, can be a lonely experience. Pain can be debilitating some days, minor the next, and because symptoms aren’t necessarily obvious to others, it can sometimes feel like you’re in a world of pain all by yourself. What can make matters worse is […]