Teeth Whitening: Easy, Affordable, and Worth It

Happy young woman holding her credit card while smiling with a white smile due to easy, affordable teeth whitening options

Work has been stressful, you’re pounding cup after cup of coffee, and now, to top it off, you’ve noticed your teeth are looking more and more stained. Is there anything you can do? There’s no question that yellow teeth can be a constant source of anxiety and embarrassment. If you’ve become increasingly embarrassed by the […]

Explain It Like I’m Five: Dental Implants

Thoughtful child doing his homework at kitchen table - Sometimes you explain dental implants like you would to a 5 year old

The popular web-series and podcast, Explain it Like I’m Five, has a straightforward philosophy: explaining things simply can provide clarity to concepts that are often overly complicated. For those who have recently lost one or more teeth, dental implants are often one of those over-complicated subjects, which makes them more difficult to understand. When it […]