What Technology Means for Dental Implants

A diagram of a human dental implant. What do the advances in technology mean for Dental Implants?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are lots of options, but dental implants are by far the best. Not only are they one of the most effective tooth-replacement options, but they boast a remarkably low failure rate, and they can literally last a lifetime. Even though dental implants are an excellent, reliable option, […]

Anxious Habits That Could Hurt Your Jaw

Young woman sits at a table in front of her computer, a phone and a bowl of bananas, all while biting her nails. Biting nails, along with some other habits can hurt your jaw - leading to TMJ disorders.

Sure, nervous habits are unpleasant, but could it be that they’re also damaging to not only your teeth but your jaw? Unfortunately, it’s not just possible — it’s likely. Some of the most common anxious habits are harmful to your mouth. This blog is dedicated to those habits that you probably already know you should […]