If you suffer from chronic headaches, you may find yourself frequently reaching for over-the-counter medications. If your headaches are severe, you may even have been prescribed medications to take when they occur. Sadly, if your headaches are caused by TMJ, these medications will prove incapable of reducing their frequency. Worse still, excessive use of pain medications may also result in serious problems including organ damage and internal bleeding.

TMJ headaches are caused by jaw misalignment and unless that underlying issue is addressed, they will continue to occur. Pain medications mask discomfort and provide temporary relief, but only proper TMJ treatment can restore alignment and produce lasting comfort.

Mohegan Lake dentist Dr. Wanda Mejia offers headache treatments that focus on relieving muscle tension in the jaw, alleviating pressure on key facial nerves, and bringing the jaw back into alignment. These may include customized mouthguards or oral splints, orthodontic treatments, or restorations such as dental crowns. Treatment may also involve stress reduction and similar techniques in combination with one or more professional service. What is right in your case will be based on your specific needs and determined during your neuromuscular dentistry evaluation.

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