The goal of preventative dentistry is avoiding dental problems in the first place. This is best achieved through dental hygiene and teeth cleaning, both at home and during biannual visits to our Peekskill area office. Most oral health issues can be addressed with modern dental science, but preventing issues through good oral hygiene is always a better idea.

Taking Care of Your Whole Mouth

Often, when we think of dentistry, we think of the teeth alone. However, preventing dental problems requires taking care of your whole mouth. Of course, preventative dentistry includes brushing your teeth after every meal and snack, but it also includes flossing daily to avoid gum disease and visiting our office every six months for thorough cleanings and examinations.

Your visits to our office are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. Preventative measures are ideal, but not always sufficient at stopping all oral health problems. Frequent dental checkups allow us to treat specific problems and help you modify your at-home routine to help prevent dental health issues in the future.

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