Are you concerned about the way your oral health interacts with your overall health? Do you worry about the use of potentially toxic materials in your mouth? Do you think that part of the goal of restorative dentistry is to mimic the natural tooth as much as possible?

If those sound like good ideas, then you might want to work with a holistic dentist in Westchester County. At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, we apply the principles of holistic dentistry to safeguard our patients’ health and help give them the best results. To learn more about holistic dentistry, please call

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Safe Dental Materials

One of the basic principles of holistic dentistry is that the materials used for dental restorations should promote a person’s overall health.

We utilize metal-free restorations that are strong, attractive, and nontoxic. Some people still use metal amalgam fillings. Metal amalgam fillings are 50% mercury by weight. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on earth, and it doesn’t stay in your fillings. The mercury can evaporate and be inhaled. It can seep through your teeth and enter your blood. It can even be abraded from your teeth by chewing or tooth grinding. People with metal amalgam fillings have more mercury in their bodies, including the exceedingly toxic methyl mercury.

Instead of metal amalgam, we use attractive and safe tooth colored fillings Holistic dentistry looks at the body as a whole starting with your mouth

Harmonizing Oral and Overall Health

The origin of the word holistic is that it approaches a subject as a whole rather than as separate parts. That’s why we address the oral health concerns that can impact your overall health.

Avoiding restorations with toxic mercury is just one way to make sure we’re promoting both oral health and overall health together. By ensuring good gum health, we help reduce your body’s systemic inflammation, which will promote your body’s overall health.

We also treat TMJ and sleep apnea. These are conditions that have their origin in the jaw area, but have system-wide impacts on your health.

With TMJ, a jaw imbalance can impact the balance of your musculoskeletal system and press on crucial nerves. This can lead to wide-ranging symptoms including headaches, backaches, vertigo, and more.

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing temporarily during sleep. The stops in breathing stress your heart and regulatory nerves, plus it prevents you from getting good sleep at night. The most common cause of this disorder is a narrow airway caused or worsened by a poorly positioned jaw. By repositioning your jaw, we can help you sleep better and enjoy improved overall health.

Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry is a subset of holistic dentistry that rests on the belief that your natural tooth material is superior to any restorative materials we have. Therefore, the primary goal of dentistry is to preserve your natural teeth.

If we do have to repair your tooth, we try to accomplish that repair with a minimal removal of tooth material–no more than we absolutely have to remove.

And when we do use restorative materials, they should be as close as possible to your natural teeth. This is another reason to avoid metals in your restorative dentistry. Even if they’re not inherently toxic like mercury fillings, they may interact with each other and with your body in unhealthy ways. Ceramic restorations, on the other hand, are very similar to your natural tooth enamel in appearance and in behavior.

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