When to See a Dentist About Tooth Wear

Should You See a Dentist about Tooth Wear?

Your teeth have many natural ridges that curve up and down. With age, these ridges naturally flatten and become less pronounced. Look into your mouth using a mirror, and you’ll be able to see these ridges for yourself. However, not all tooth wear is natural. Passed a certain threshold, tooth wear can change from a […]

What You Need to Know About Professional Whitening

Teeth Whitening: Need to Know Info

You’ve probably seen them everywhere. Whitening gum at the impulse buy section of the grocery store, whitening strips near the pharmacy, and even whitening toothpaste next to your favorite brand of toothbrush. Have you ever stopped to wonder, however, about the differences between these products and [link id=’50185′ text=’professional whitening’]? How do teeth become stained […]