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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Reclaim Decayed, Damaged Teeth

Crowns and Bridges Strengthen Your Natural Smile

When a tooth decays sometimes all you need to fix it is a filling. When the decay is severe or you’ve had a natural crown cracked or knocked out a filling may not do, however. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on the entire tooth. The roots and interior of your tooth may still be healthy—and they’re worth saving! Dental crowns and bridges give your smile a new lease on life, restoring the look and function of healthy teeth. Empowered by advanced cosmetic dentistry training, our dentists can help you save your smile with bridges and dental crowns in Mohegan Lakes and Tarrytown, NY.

Dental crowns and bridges not only give you back beautiful, fully functional teeth, they restore your self-confidence. It can be difficult not to feel self-conscious with those gaps and damaged teeth in your smile. For both crowns and bridges we may remove some enamel from your teeth to fit them over the top of the roots and inner portion of the tooth, rebuilding your smile. We can make both here in our office or through an outside specialty lab. While similar in many ways, crowns and bridges serve their different purposes …

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Dental Crowns Restore Individual Teeth

Dental crowns replace the part of the tooth that’s visible above your gumline. They’re constructed of strong, shiny materials such as porcelain, which has the characteristic look and durability of real tooth enamel. You can eat, smile, and do everything else you do with natural teeth with dental crowns. Using their esthetic and cosmetic dentistry expertise, our team will help you choose crowns that match the shape, size, and shade of the surrounding teeth for a seamless smile! We place crowns if:

  • Your natural crown is damaged
  • The interior of your tooth is weak from decay or damage
  • You’re having a root canal
  • You’re getting dental implants

Dental Bridges Rebuild Rows of Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are dental appliances that are made up of at least two crowns connected in a row. They fill in gaps that individual crowns can’t. We attach the crowns at each end of a bridge to your natural teeth or to dental implants, in essence creating a “bridge” of crowns over the area where you’ve lost multiple teeth. We can have your dental bridges created to not only fit you perfectly but also to blend flawlessly with your adjacent teeth. We use dental bridges when:

  • You have several consecutive teeth missing or damaged
  • You’re tired of large gaps in your smile
  • Your natural crowns aren’t providing full strength and function
  • You’re receiving multiple dental implants
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Don’t Give Up on Your Teeth

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