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Teeth Whitening

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Whiter Teeth Your Way

Just a few darkened, drab teeth can ruin your whole smile, regardless of the condition of the other teeth. We can elevate it with professional teeth whitening in Mohegan Lake and Tarrytown, NY. Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake is driven by two cosmetic dentists with impeccable credentials and the eyes of artists. While there are many teeth whitening solutions available in your local pharmacy, professional-grade treatments provided by masters of esthetic dentistry are the best way to get stunningly white teeth with staying power. We offer treatments from all the top names in teeth whitening as standalone services or as one component of a smile makeover.

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Featured Teeth Whitening Options


Zoom uses a special combination of hydrogen peroxide and an LED light instrument to whiten your teeth. During your visit, our team will apply the hydrogen peroxide to your teeth multiple times, producing whiter teeth with each additional application. Zoom works on all of your teeth simultaneously and delivers consistent results in just about one hour! What’s more, it won’t make your teeth more sensitive like some whitening solutions will.


Opalescence can also produce noticeably whiter teeth in a single visit. We’ll apply a thick gel made up of hydrogen peroxide and potassium nitrate to your teeth a number of times during the same appointment. This solution breaks down stains and areas of discoloration, making your teeth whiter, tougher, and less sensitive in just 90 minutes. Once you’ve completed in-office treatment, you’ll continue your teeth whitening routine on your own using a professional-grade tooth whitening gel and toothpaste that we can prescribe for you.


KöR treatment also includes a blend of rigorous in-office treatments and an at-home bleaching kit. We start by applying a refrigerated bleaching gel to your teeth during several short in-office treatment sessions. At the end of the final visit, we’ll give you custom-fitted bleaching trays to take home with you. Continue your treatment as directed and you’ll be impressed with the results you see!
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