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Advanced Equipment Means Advanced Treatment

At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, advanced dental technology is our investment in the long-term dental health of you and your family. By using the latest dental equipment, we’re better able to diagnose any issues you may be experiencing and create a more effective treatment plan with less invasive, more precise care. Our doctors are extensively experienced and continue to learn the latest techniques through ongoing training. We consistently provide exceptional outcomes by using cutting-edge therapies and advanced dental technology in Mohegan Lake and Tarrytown, NY. These include many not used by other practices in the area!

What Advanced Dental Technology Gives You

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Shorter treatment times
  • More precise, predictable outcomes
  • More efficient visits
  • Greater understanding of your treatment plan

The Beauty of Dental Robotics...

Our In-Office Technology

Here’s a sampling of the equipment we use to provide you with the finest, most modern care available in the area. These are one of the primary reasons we’re called Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake:

Made up of three sophisticated components, the K7 gives us factual, science-based measurements of your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and the surrounding muscles. Armed with the data we collect from this system we can determine the optimal position for your bite and come up with an effective treatment plan for alleviating your temporomandibular disorders (TMD)—one of our signature services.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, enables us to stimulate your jaw muscles and neck muscles simultaneously, helping both relax stressed muscles and stimulate circulation in the area. This unit can ease the tension that’s the root cause behind many cases of TMD, headaches, tooth wear, and other chronic issues.

This equipment allows us to perform an occlusion analysis digitally to evaluate bite issues that may be connected to your TMD, teeth grinding, and sleep apnea. In doing so, we’re able to formulate the best course of treatment to correct your specific issues.

A natural alternative to traditional anesthesia, NuCalm is a total sensory experience that keeps you pain- and stress-free during treatments and even feeling reinvigorated afterward. It works through a unique combination of an amino acid (administered orally or topically), the J5 TENS unit, music that puts your brainwaves into a relaxed state, and an eye mask to remove all visual distractions.

Our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology produces high-resolution 3D images of your mouth that help us plan for trouble-free dental implant placement, root canals, and other procedures. CBCT works using a fraction of the radiation output of conventional imaging equipment still found in many medical and dental offices, so it’s also safer for you!

Considering a smile makeover, dental implants or other treatments that may take some time to complete? See the end results first! Computer technology allows us to give you a virtual sneak preview of what to expect once you’ve finished your treatment. You’ll be impressed at what we’re able to do for you.

When we’re examining your mouth, you can see exactly what we see, including any problem areas that may require treatment. Not much larger than a toothbrush, our intraoral camera sends real-time video images to a monitor in our exam room while you sit comfortably and watch.

With The Wand, even the injection for anesthesia itself is painless. This computer-based system ensures that your gums are numb before we ever introduce a needle into them. The result is a pain-free experience from start to finish.

Another compact, handheld tool, VELscope enables us to detect everything from dental decay to oral cancer—even when no obvious symptoms are present. This is especially important in the case of serious conditions. VELscope causes no discomfort; we simply shine a special blue light in your mouth to reveal potential issues.

Our Waterlase® system empowers us to deliver quick, highly precise results with little pain and a reduced chance for complications through a concentration of water, air, and laser energy. Because it replaces a scalpel for periodontal treatment and other procedures, this technology is especially popular with patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Another tool that allows us to perform procedures such as bone grafting without causing undue hard to surrounding healthy tissue, PIEZOSURGERY uses ultrasonic vibrations in the treatment of hard tissues. This instrument is also very precise, protecting nearby soft tissues from damage during treatment.

The State-of-the-Art Is Here

See the difference modern technology and training make.