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Dr. George Sepiashvili

About Dr. George Sepiashvili

Cosmetic dentist Dr. George Sepiashvili was born in Georgia—the country, not the state—in the Caucasus Mountains. He went to Russia for his first dental education, receiving a degree in dentistry from the University of St. Petersburg. He then moved to New York City, where he studied at New York University, receiving another degree in dentistry. He followed this up with a two-year residency focused on dental implants.

His passion for quality dental care has led him to continue his dental education at some of the most prestigious dental education institutions in the world, such as the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), where he studied advanced cosmetic dentistry as well as neuromuscular dentistry. He has been certified in Invisalign, has training in obstructive sleep apnea treatment, and has taken the New You Dentures™ course.

Ongoing Training

George Sepiashvili, DDS, is dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible care, based on the latest principles and utilizing the latest techniques and technologies. Here are some of the courses he’s taken to stay at the leading edge of dentistry:

  • Core I – Advanced Functional Physiologic Dentistry
  • Core II Orthotic Maintenance, Adjustment and Essential Aesthetic Reconstructive Techniques
  • Core III – Mastering Dynamic Adhesion in Complex Reconstructive Cases
  • Core IV – Advanced Principles, Case Stabilization and Bite Transfer in the Physiologic Practice
  • Core V – Comprehensive Aesthetic Occlusal Reconstruction
  • Core VI – Coronoplasty and Case Finishing
  • Core VII – Full Mouth Reconstruction – Essential Tools for Finalization of Physiologic Rehabilitation
  • Practical Advanced TMD Practice- Level 1
  • The Physiologic Approach to Treating OSA – Level I
  • The Physiologic Approach to Treating OSA – Level II
  • Advanced Implant Therapy & Grafting
  • Enteral Conscious Sedation
  • New You Dentures
  • Advanced Implant Therapy & Grafting – Global Institute for Dental Education
  • 1 Year Master Clinician Program – Implant Dentistry – Global Institute for Dental Education
  • One-Year LLU/gIDE Master Clinician Program in Implant Dentistry – Loma Linda School of Dentistry
  • Oral Conscious Sedation
These courses help him stay up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry. And he is very current, having completed his most recent course in March 2018.

Professional Memberships – Dr. George Sepiashvili

Professional memberships help dentists influence the course of the dental profession. Dr. George Sepiashvili is a member of several major dental organizations, including:

  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • New York State Dental Association (NYSDA)
  • International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics (IAPA)
  • International College of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

These organizations help Dr. George remain at the forefront of dentistry and as a condition of membership hold him to the highest standards of ethics and expertise.

Dr. George Sepiashvili Professional Torso Shot

A Likeable Dentist

Dr. Sepiashvili is a likeable dentist who enjoys skiing, travel, and movies. He likes classics and modern action flicks. Dr. George is a big sports fan, and loves sports of all types. He also enjoys reading (he recently read Devil in the White City by Erik Larson).

He has three daughters, he takes traveling and skiing.

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