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Edward’s Story

Edward’s Story

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One missing or visibly unhealthy tooth can bring your smile attention you don’t want—even if all of the other teeth are healthy and shiny. That one gap can make you too embarrassed to speak, laugh, or smile. If you leave it too long, the jawbone underneath can start to deteriorate. 

While partial dentures and bridges can fill the gap, they can’t protect your jaw the way dental implants do. Implants also don’t decay like natural teeth and their crowns keep their original color. Lost tooth? The best overall solution is a single dental implant in Mohegan Lake and Tarrytown, NY.

Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake offers many advantages when it comes to dental implants. Modern dental technology. The convenience of comprehensive care in one practice. But our two biggest advantages are our doctors

After completing dental school, our doctors undertook advanced training focused on dental implants during two-year residencies. And we continue to expand our expertise with ongoing training in implant placement and restoration. 

With our unmatched education, experience, and qualifications, we can give you back a smile you’ll never be embarrassed about and help you rediscover what you’ve been missing!

Missing or discolored front teeth? Dr. Sepiashvili discusses how dental implants can change your smile.

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What Single Dental Implants Give You

  • Carefree smiles, laughter, and conversations
  • A broader selection of food options
  • A full, healthy set of teeth
  • A tremendous confidence boost
  • Many years of reliable performance
  • Better overall dental health

The Steps to a Dental Implant Bridge

Consultation and Examination

You’ll be happy to know that most people who come to us for dental implants immediately qualify for the treatment. Those who don’t can usually become candidates after something as simple as a tooth extraction. During your initial complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your smile goals as well as assess your overall oral health with a comprehensive examination.

As part of the exam, we’ll capture detailed 3D images of your mouth using our low-radiation cone beam CT equipment. These images give us a complete picture of what’s going on underneath your teeth and gums and allow us to begin planning your placement process.

A key aspect of the planning phase is determining the specifications for your customized surgical guide. This is essentially a template that makes implant placement as close to an exact science as you can get. It empowers us to place the implants at just the perfect angle and depth to provide reliable, comfortable performance for up to a lifetime.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the initial consultation is your virtual smile preview. We can show you what your mouth will look like with that bad tooth replaced by a sturdy, attractive dental implant. When you’re happy with the projected results, we can schedule implant placement for the following appointment!


Our practice puts the emphasis on your comfort. Before your procedure begins, we’ll provide you with sedation options in the form of nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, oral sedation, or NuCalm, a natural approach to painless, anxiety-free treatment that many other area practices haven’t yet discovered.

We begin placement by removing the unhealthy tooth, if applicable, then surgically inserting a screw-like implant directly into your jawbone through a preset hole in your customized surgical guide. The single dental implant will take the place of your missing tooth’s root.

We follow this by placing a temporary crown on the affected tooth. In some cases, we’re able to fabricate these temporaries in-house. In either case, you leave our office with a fully functional smile until you return for your final restoration.

The Wellness Hour - Single Tooth Implants


Your single dental implant will slowly fuse with your jawbone over the following months, eventually becoming a permanent part of your anatomy. When the area has fully healed, you’ll come back to our office to receive your permanent crown.

This isn’t just any crown—it’s customized for you in multiple ways. It perfectly fits on the implant and between the surrounding teeth for comfortable, dependable function. As cosmetic dentists, we also ensure that it matches the size, shade, and shine of your other teeth. You don’t want this new tooth to stand out, you want it to blend in. We’ll make sure that your smile looks seamless and natural.

An Amazing Smile You Can Afford

Dental implants and all their benefits are within your budget. We’ve made this possible by partnering with the leading third-party financing companies in the country, including GreenSky, CareCredit, and LendingClub, to provide you with manageable payment options that divide your cost into smaller sums. 

Our team will also file your dental insurance claims on your behalf. As part of that process, we work to ensure that you get the fullest benefits that your coverage allows. Let us show you how we can make that renewed smile a reality for you with a dental implant in Mohegan Lake and Tarrytown, NY.

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