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The goal of elite-level dentistry is based on two key components: functionality and aesthetics. While the former is nearly always the priority in terms of achieving sound oral health, it is often the latter that can make an immediate and tangible difference in a person’s life. A brilliant, magnetic smile and perfect-looking teeth can have a tremendous impact on a person’s confidence, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

At our office in Mohegan Lake, NY, Dr. George Sepiashvili and his elite team of professionals provide cosmetic dental options that can entirely transform both the look and functionality of your smile. Cosmetic procedures are convenient, minimally invasive and offer an immediate impact in terms of transforming your smile.

Cosmetic Options for A Variety of Goals & Budgets

Dr. Sepiashvili offers a variety of cosmetic procedures based on each patient’s budget and oral health goals. Here is a basic rundown of the cosmetic dental options we offer at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake:

Invisalign braces are a modern teeth-straightening alternative to traditional wire braces. Invisalign is fully customizable, to each unique patient, and can be removed as needed for convenience and functionality. If you have large spans or gaps in your teeth but are put off by the appearance and aesthetics of traditional braces, clear Invisalign braces are a wonderful and an affordable alternative for both teens and adults. Made from state-of-the-art BPA-free composite materials, Invisalign offers many of the same functionalities as regular braces, without the unsightly appearance. Also, due to their removability, routine oral health practices like brushing and flossing are far easier with Invisalign. 

Different from Invisalign and traditional braces, FastBraces offer an intermediate straightening alternative for people with severe gaps and teeth misalignments. While traditional braces slowly shift the upper and lower portions of your teeth in a two-step process, FastBraces, shift both the root and the upper tooth (crown) simultaneously, drastically reducing the time it takes to achieve perfect full arch alignment!

In certain instances, traditional wire braces are necessary in order to correct gaps and/or severe misalignments. They’re highly durable and also an economical option overall. While you may associate braces with children and teens, many adults are also choosing them for their many benefits. Dr. Sepiashvili has years of experience in both setting and performing maintenance on a variety of braces, including archwire braces and lingual braces.

As opposed to braces, which correct gaps and/or teeth misalignments, crowns and bridges are a cosmetic dental option that helps repair and correct severe tooth damage, decay and instances of missing teeth. Dental crowns involve placing custom-fabricated “caps” over existing tooth structures, while bridges involve fusing a series of crowns together to correct or repair large spans of broken, missing or decaying teeth.

For brilliantly white teeth and a truly stunning smile, porcelain veneers are one of the best cosmetic dental options we have to offer here at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake. Veneers can permanently correct severely stained teeth, and also hide cosmetic damage such as chips, cracks and other imperfections. Dr. Sepiashvili has years of experience in porcelain veneer placement, and treats every patient with the detailed and unique attention they deserve.

Similar to Veneers, Lumineers are an excellent cosmetic option for correcting things like chips, cracks, sizing and spacing issues, severe stains and other aesthetic imperfections. Lumineers have a lower profile than porcelain veneers, which simplifies the application process, eliminating the need for enamel to be removed prior to placement, as well as the need for sedation. This also makes the placement of Lumineers fully reversible! Also, since Lumineers are far thinner compared to porcelain veneers, some patients find they have more of a “natural tooth feel.”

Dr. Sepiashvili offers three unique options for patients looking to achieve the most advanced whitening available. Zoom!® whitening takes less than two hours, and involves the use of hydrogen peroxide in combination with intense LED light exposure. Opalescence® is another fantastic single-visit whitening option, which involves application of a thick whitening gel that works to break down severe stains and discoloration. Lastly, KöR® Whitening treatment is an advanced bleach-based therapy that involves both in-office and at-home application procedures.

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At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, our team of talented cosmetic dental professionals will work with you one-on-one to achieve the personalized resultsand the world-class smile – that you’ve always wanted! 

With decades of experience in dental cosmetics, Dr. Sepiashvili possesses the technology, skills and dental artistry needed in order to help you craft a magnetic, truly one-of-a-kind smile. 

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