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Your smile is among the first things people notice about you. A smile marred by common cosmetic dental problems can leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and may even impact your future success. In fact, according to a recent study, it was found that in competitive job markets like New York, appearance played an equal role in hiring employees as their skills and education.

Experienced New York cosmetic dentists Dr. Sepiashvili and Dr. Wanda Mejia know how important your smile can be. At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, our cosmetic dentists strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and secure with their smile. We are pleased to offer our patients financing options that can help you achieve the smile you desire without breaking the bank.

A Fair Price for Quality Care

First, we want you to understand that at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, we work hard to control costs so we can keep the price of your dental care as low as possible.

However, there is one thing we are never willing to compromise on, and that’s quality. We will never offer you a dental procedure that will not meet your needs or that won’t last. Your smile is too important to risk just to try to save a few dollars. The good news is that although it may be more expensive up front, quality dental care usually costs less in the long run.

Dental Financing Options

At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, we accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks for our procedures. For patients who would prefer alternatives to these payment methods, we also accept:

  • CareCredit® Health Financing - A credit card designed exclusively for procedures not covered by insurance, CareCredit® offers financing plans will 0% APR for up to 24 months, or a low, fixed APR for up to 60 months
  • Lending Club Patient Solutions - A payment plan that is easy and affordable to take care of your dental needs. Lending Club offers flexibilty so you don’t have to avoid procedures that are important to your oral health.

You can apply for these lines of credit online, or one of our friendly staff members can assist you with your application.

Your smile is one of your most important attributes. Working closely with all of our patients, our cosmetic dentistry team can help you secure the financing you need to make the smile of your dreams a reality.

If you are considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure in or around Westchester County, Peekskill, or Yorktown, New York, please call (914) 332-4402 or email the helpful staff at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake to discuss your financing options today.

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