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Patient Stories

Meet Natalia

About Natalia

Natalia is a 22-year-old nursing student. She didn’t smile much because she lacked confidence in her smile. She had a severe underbite, with her bottom teeth pushing in her top teeth. She also suffered from migraines. Her older brother, a veneers patient at Advanced Dentistry, signed Natalia up for a consultation. She initially thought she would get braces. The dentists discovered that there were deeper health issues, and without treatment, she would likely lose her teeth and need dentures by age 30.

Treatment Process

The entire treatment process took about two months. It began with neuromuscular treatment to relax the jaw, followed by temporary caps for a month, replaced by final porcelain caps. Natalia worked with the dentists to select the color and teeth shapes, looking at virtual previews of herself. She also told us which celebrity’s teeth she most liked! Foremost for Natalia was a natural healthy smile. Now that the treatment is complete, she has both a healthy and a beautiful smile. What she couldn’t have imagined was that her whole face would change, “I find it hard to believe… I’m still surprised at how beautiful the results are. And, I don’t think my nose is too big anymore. It’s just right.” Her new smile has helped to achieve an aesthetic symmetry to her face. An added benefit – her painful migraine headaches are gone.
When I smile now, everyone smiles back at me!

A Second Home

“Advanced Dentistry is my second home. I’ve been there many times for my treatment, and the entire staff is friendly. There is always a smile on everyone’s face.” We asked Natalia what three words would describe her experience with Advanced Dentistry. Her response – genuine, honest, and pleasurable. We couldn’t ask for anything more! Outstanding service and proven results make for happy patients. Natalia is hoping post-pandemic, without a mask, to use her smile in her nursing work to help her patients feel better. Now she feels more confident and has never smiled as big and as much before. “When I smile now, everyone smiles back at me!”

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