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Stephen - Snap-On Dentures

"I Wasn't Able to Chew or Smile, I Was Miserable."

Steven’s Story

Steven’s Story

A Modern Approach to a Traditional Treatment

Dentures are a time-tested way to fill gaps in your smile and restore your chewing ability, facial esthetics, and self-esteem. And they’ve come a long way, with customized options and a more realistic appearance made possible by evolving technology. NEW YOU DENTURES™—offered here at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake—provide even greater benefits, helping you avoid the drawbacks of some conventional dentures. Our team is specially trained to fit you with these revolutionary dental appliances. If you’re looking for dentures in Mohegan Lake and Tarrytown, NY, you’ll find so much more than you probably expected right here.

Benefits of Our Dentures

  • A complete, attractive smile
  • More food choices—including many of your favorites!
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Carefree smiles and laughter
  • Cost savings over some alternatives
  • Custom and secure fit
  • Snap-on and fixed bridge options
  • A higher quality of life
  • Greater peace of mind

Dentures Made Just for You

Developed by Dr. Michael Reece at the renowned Las Vegas Institute (LVI), NEW YOU DENTURES will completely change your idea about dentures. These are custom-made for you—not an off-the-shelf product—and look more like real teeth than many traditional dentures. They can also offer a secure, no-slip fit that allows you to give up adhesives for good. What’s more, they protect your jawbone from recession. That “sunken,” unhealthy appearance can age you prematurely. We can place your new dentures on your gums or, for the fullest benefits, permanently anchor them to your jaw with dental implants.

We offer full and partial dentures, so whether you have just a section of teeth missing or you have no healthy teeth left and need full mouth dental implants, we can help you. These dentures can allow you to put a toothless smile, embarrassing accidents, and low self-confidence behind you for good. They’ll enhance your quality of life, enabling you to partake of normal daily activities—meals, conversations, laughter—without worry. As your home for comprehensive dental care, we can also offer tooth extractions and all denture-related treatments here in one convenient office.

The Wellness Hour - Dr. Sepiashvili Discusses Options For Denture Wearers.

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