New You Dentures logoDentures don’t have to be bad. If you are considering your first set, you may be afraid you will look like those denture wearers with a shrunken, sunken-in face. Let us calm your fears. If you are a current denture wearer, you are probably unhappy with your them. Let us make you happy with your dentures. New You Dentures™ show that it’s possible to have dentures that fit properly, look natural, and restore your face as well as your smile.

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Combining Committed Craftsmanship and Advanced Technology

Dentures are an ancient art that has been improved tremendously by recent technologies. If dentists are trained how to properly make them and take the time to do it right, technological advancements give us the ability to make better dentures than ever before.

The problem is that the dentures industry has moved in the other direction: using technology to make dentures faster and cheaper, with the result that they fit poorly and function poorly. These dentures also look unattractive, with fake plastic looking teeth that are mass-produced rather than individually crafted.

But New You Dentures™ dentists like Dr. George know how to use the power of technology in the service of careful craftsmanship to achieve superior results for dentures patients.

A Solid Foundation for a Youthful Appearance

Your teeth are essential to a youthful, attractive appearance. Not only do straight, white teeth look healthy, your teeth provide essential support for your face. When you lose your teeth, your face collapses inward and all the excess skin and fat around your mouth has to go somewhere. It typically folds in around the mouth, hangs down from the cheeks, or hangs down from the neck.

And that’s only the beginning. Once you lose your teeth, you begin to lose your jawbone as well. Your body removes bone that it thinks is no longer necessary (no more teeth to support), which can lead to up to 75% of the jawbone material being removed. Poorly fitting dentures can create pinch points where bone may be removed even faster.

New You Dentures™ are designed to replace both the lost teeth and the lost jawbone to restore your face’s youthful proportions. Not only will your dentures fit better and feel better—they’ll look better, too.

Handsome gentleman with stunning dentures

Many Options to Anchor Your Dentures

New You Dentures™ can be designed to be secured in your mouth in many ways. A traditional denture setup where the dentures just rest on your gum tissue, with the potential for denture adhesive to hold them in place is an option.

But maximum benefit from New You Dentures™ comes when they are anchored by dental implants. New You Dentures™ can be designed to be secured by five, four, or even three dental implants. We can even use mini implants. The effectiveness of the securement depends on the number of implants used.

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