Understanding TENS, and Other TMJ Treatments

Young woman smiling because she has been taking care of her TMJ with Westchester Neuromuscular dentist Dr. George Sepiashvili

Known as an umbrella term describing several types of disorders affecting the temporomandibular joint, [link id=’50273′ text=’TMJ’ esc_html=’false’] can come with a variety of symptoms that range in their severity. [link id=’50290′ text=’Jaw pain’ esc_html=’false’] is one of the most common, along with clicking or popping noises while eating, and limited range of motion in […]

Robotic Assistance: the Changing Landscape of Dental Implants

Young robotics engineer working in a lab improving dental implant technology

For a procedure that has only been around since 1965, [link id=’53744′ text=’dental implants’] have come a long way. Skulls from a few thousand years ago have been found with seashells lodged into their jaw— now we use titanium — and just last year, a robotic dentist autonomously installed two dental implants for a woman, […]