Fixing Crooked Teeth: The Advantages of Invisalign

Beautiful young blonde with a great smile, you'd never know that she use to have a crooked one - but thanks to Invisalign she's been able to gain the confidence to show off!

Unless you have the confidence (and patience) of a buddhist monk, it can be incredibly difficult to overcome crooked-teeth insecurity. In the age of social media and the “curated life,” we’re inundated with beautiful photos of people traveling the world, living their best life, and smiling big, bright smiles. Even if you understand that behind-the-scenes, […]

Dental Implants Don’t Have to Be Scary

A sleepless young man lying in bed scared of what goes bump in the night. For all we know, it might be dental implants! If you aren’t very familiar with dental implants, it can be easy to find things to worry about. Luckily, most of those worries are unfounded. Dental implants are a tried and true solution to tooth loss, and the risks are extremely low.

Tooth loss can be devastating. Not only does it affect the appearance of your smile, but it can compromise your dental health, too: A gap between teeth can trap food and open you up to decay, and missing teeth can force a change in diet that may not be healthy. The teeth on either side […]