5 Tips for TMJ Pain

A US five dollar bill rests between a white coffee but and aqua colored plate, a tip for the waitress that served you your favorite drink. What about 5 tips to help get rid of TMJ pain?

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Managing TMJ pain in the real world is a pain itself. Some home remedies might bring relief temporarily but it’s difficult to follow every recommendation. It’s nearly impossible to prevent yourself from yawning and to ice your jaw multiple times a day. At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, our dentists understand how terrible TMJ pain is. With our help and tips for TMJ pain, we hope to help you feel like yourself once again, pain-free!


1. Visit the Dentist

Our first tip for TMJ pain is to visit the dentist. The best way to treat TMJ pain is by diagnosing the cause of it. Dr. George and Dr. Mejia are here to examine your jaw to determine the cause of your TMJ pain. Once we identify the problem, we can recommend the best course of treatment. No two patients are the same. Some patients require wearing a night guard while they sleep while others need a bit of restorative work to restore their bite. Visiting our TMJ dentists in Mohegan Lake should be your first step towards treatment.

2. Relax Your Jaw

Our next tip for TMJ pain is one you need to consciously think about throughout the day. It’s important to keep your jaw relaxed and not tense. One way to hold yourself accountable is by setting a reminder on your phone every hour to check your jaw. If you notice your jaw is tense when the reminder goes off, this will help you consciously relax it. Over time, you might find that keeping your jaw relaxed comes naturally. Of course, for some people this sort of timed check can actually cause tension and make it harder to relax. If that’s you, then this is not a good strategy to try.

3. Give Yourself a Massage

When your jaw is feeling especially painful, do yourself a favor and give it a little massage. Take your index finger and rub it in circles around your jaw for a few minutes at a time. This quick massage might help relieve some of your jaw pain.

4. Check Your Posture

Posture is actually a major contributor to TMJ pain. If you’re not sure if you sit up straight, have someone take a picture of you from the side. If your ear is not in line with your shoulder, you need to adjust your posture. To correct this problem, lay on the floor or lean against a wall. Tuck your chin to your chest as though you are trying to make a double chin. Repeat this exercise several times to strengthen your neck muscles to relieve TMJ pain.

5. Chew Soft Foods

Our last tip for TMJ pain is one that might be easier to follow than “don’t yawn.” Chew only soft foods. While it might be hard at first to give up your favorite chewy and crunchy foods, the pain relief you experience will make soft foods taste even better. Get creative with your food and try out new recipes to keep yourself from getting bored. For many people, a lifetime limited to soft foods represents a major decline in your quality of life. If you feel this way, treatment can open you up to a full diet again.


If you experience TMJ pain and you have yet to find a treatment option, it’s important to visit your TMJ dentists at our office by Mohegan Lake, NY for treatment. Schedule a consultation by calling or by sending us an email!

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