Can I Correct My TMJ Disorder?

an x-ray image of a patients skeletal profile that highlights in orange where the patient has TMJ disorder.

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Can TMJ disorder be corrected? The short answer is yes, people can correct their TMJ in Mohegan Lake, NY. By working with a trained and skilled doctor, patients can get their TMJ disorder expertly treated with proven TMJ treatments.

Luckily, there are a variety of TMJ treatments patients can get treated with to correct their TMJ disorder. One or more TMJ treatment options can be used at a time for the state-of-the-art office’s phased TMJ procedure process. Continue reading to learn more about how TMJ disorder can get treated.


Here Are The Ways In Which I Can Correct My TMJ In Mohegan Lake, NY

TMJ disorder can be corrected through the use of proven and trusted treatment options. The following are the types of TMJ treatments that can correct a patients TMJ disorder:

J5 TENS Unit

As a first step to correcting TMJ disorder, the doctor can attempt to relax the patients jawbone in order to understand the typical alignment of their muscles. The J5 TENS Unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) does this by giving the patients jaw an electric massage in order to stimulate and then loosen the muscles. For many patients, this may be the only step that needs to be taken, as it loosens the jaw and eliminates the pain for them.

K7 Evaluation System

After utilizing the J5 TENS Unit, the doctor can move on to treating the patient with the three-part K7 Evaluation System. This leading diagnostic tool utilizes three different technologies to determine the best course of action to treat the patients TMJ disorder.

First is the computerized mandibular scanner (CMS) which helps determine the patient’s mandibular alignment. Next is the Electromyography (EMG) which tests 8 different muscles at once to see how they respond when stimulated. Finally, there is the Electrosonography (EGS) which will amplify and record the connection of the patients jaw joint. All of this will determine what steps the doctor should take next in order to correct the patients TMJ disorder.

Tekscan® T-Scan

This diagnostic tool also helps the doctor determine how much force the patient is placing on their jaw. This is done by measuring the amount of pressure the patient applies downward on their jawbone from the rest of their mouth.


After determining the best course of action to correct the patients TMJ disorder, there are a few different treatment options the doctor can use to help restore the patient’s jawbone. The first is orthodontics. Straightening teeth not only gives patients a better-looking smile overall, it also helps to align the patient’s teeth and reduce the amount of pressure they put on their jaw. This is the most common issue that causes TMJ Disorders.

Non-Surgical Bite Repositioning

After having their orthodontic treatment, the doctor can help prevent the patient’s teeth from moving out of the desired position by treating them with a mouthguard. Non-surgical mouthguards are custom made to precisely fit the patients mouth and help keep their teeth in position to prevent their bite from moving out of place.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to the utilization of dental implants, crowns, and bridges to help restore the patient’s teeth. Much like how crooked teeth can cause alignment issues, not having teeth can lead to stresses on the jaw, which can then lead to TMJ Disorder. Restorative dentistry helps rebuild the patients smile to prevent them from experiencing TMJ disorders again.

Occlusal Adjustment

When people’s teeth don’t fit together properly, it may cause them discomfort and cause their teeth to start wearing down and become misaligned. This can be corrected with occlusal adjustment. Occlusal adjustment is used to remove a small amount of enamel from the occlusal surface of the teeth so the patient can have a more comfortable and natural bite.


See Us Now So We Can Correct Your TMJ In Mohegan Lake, NY

Don’t wait to correct your TMJ disorder with us. Get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili and our exceptional team at our Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office to schedule an appointment today!

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