Can The Yomi® Robot Benefit The Way My Dental Implants In Mohegan Lake, NY Are Placed?

a dental implant patient after a yomi robot assisted procedure.

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Worried about dental implant failure because of inaccurately placed dental implants? When the Yomi® robot is used to place dental implants in Mohegan Lake, NY, patients can benefit from having an accurately placed new smile. With the Yomi robot technology, there are many ways it can benefit patients’ smiles. Here are the various ways that Yomi robot technology can benefit the way dental implants are placed.


Why Do I Need The Yomi Robot To Place My Dental Implants?

Even though expertly trained doctors have the skills and knowledge to place dental implants, they could still make mistakes. That is why it is very beneficial for doctors to use the Yomi robot to place dental implants in Mohegan Lake, NY.

The Yomi robot benefits patients dental implant surgeries because it gives guided dental implant surgery. With a Yomi robot, the doctor is able to place dental implants with perfect precision so that the surgery is quicker to recover from and patients can benefit from having a long-lasting new smile.

How the Yomi Robot works is using GPS technology to map out and follow exactly where the dental implants should be placed in the patient’s jawbone. This highly advanced technology does not replace dental implant doctors, but it does allow the doctor 100% precision and accuracy when they are placing the dental implants. With the Yomi robot technology, dental implant procedures are less invasive because there is less cutting and less swelling.


How Does The Yomi Robot Benefit My Dental Implant Procedure?

One of the greatest benefits of the Yomi robot, is the fact that this technology allows for more people than ever before to receive accurate and precise dental implant procedures. Because of the sophisticated technology behind the Yomi robot, the doctor is able to place dental implants in patients who have been told they cannot get treated with dental implants because they have jawbone loss.

Because the Yomi robot perfectly places the dental implants, healing from a dental implant procedure takes less time. This means that patients will not have to wait nearly as long to have their final dental prosthesis successfully placed!


Go To Our Office So We Can Precisely Place Your Dental Implants With Yomi Robot Technology

By getting your dental implants placed with our Yomi robot technology, we are able to ensure that you get a reliable new smile. When dental implants are strategically placed in your mouth, you will have functional and aesthetically pleasing new teeth that will let you live your life normally.

Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili and our exceptional team at our Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office to schedule an appointment today!

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