According to the National Coalition Against Physical Abuse (NCAPA), nearly 10 million men and women experience domestic abuse every year. Many people feel ashamed of the violence that they suffered. The physical and emotional impact of abuse can last for years after you have broken free. Tooth damage is one long-lasting physical impact of abuse that causes many people prolonged emotional suffering. Skilled cosmetic dentists can help you reclaim your smile and restore your confidence with cosmetic dentistry.

A Growing Epidemic

Despite the social stigma, domestic violence is a growing epidemic that affects people regardless of gender, economic status, age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Meek people with low self-confidence are also not the only victims of abuse. Abuse occurs when one partner in a relationship feels entitled to power and control over the other person and chooses emotional or physical violence to gain the upper hand. Anyone can be a victim of abuse, and not everyone recognizes it right away.

Shame from Broken Smiles

Beautiful blonde woman smilingMen and women who suffer abuse might go years after with broken or missing teeth caused by the violence they suffered. For some, tooth damage makes it hard to move past the abuse and reclaim life. It serves as a physical reminder that you were a victim. Every time you look in the mirror, there it is, smiling back at you.

Many people cover their damaged teeth when they speak, and stop smiling as much in order to keep others from seeing the damage. These habits are a defense mechanism to avoid the stigma of being a victim. Nobody wants other people to believe they are too meek to protect themselves from harm, or worse, that they did deserve what happened.

Empower Yourself with Cosmetic Dentistry

People who have suffered abuse don’t have to feel ashamed of tooth damage caused by physical violence. At Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake, we use cosmetic dentistry to repair the damage done to your smile. Porcelain veneers and porcelain dental crowns can repair cracked or chipped teeth to give your smile uniformity. Porcelain crowns also protect your remaining tooth from further damage or decay. We carefully color-match each veneer and crown to match your natural teeth, making the restoration work virtually invisible.

We can also replace any lost teeth using dental implants. These durable restorations look and feel like your natural teeth. They not only restore the looks of your smile, but also protect you from bone loss in your jaw and prevent your other teeth from moving over to fill the gap.

Abuse is never your fault, and you deserve to reclaim the confidence taken from you by your abuser or abusers. If you have experienced tooth damage as a result from abuse and want to reclaim your smile, please contact Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today for an appointment with a Mohegan Lake cosmetic dentist.