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Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, New York

Comprehensive Dental Implant Care

Advanced Dentistry is led by two acclaimed Implantologists and cosmetic dentists who use innovative technology and techniques to deliver consistently exceptional results.

Empowered by decades in practice, our team is known for providing end-to-end dental implant care, placing and restoring full smiles as well as performing any related procedures.

With their training, they’re qualified to handle even the most complex dental implant cases—including those other practices often turn down. Consider us your home for dental implants in the Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, NY area.

Meet Our Doctors

Meet Dr. Sepiashvili

A native of the country Georgia, Dr. Sepiashvili earned dentistry degrees both from the University of St. Petersburg, Russia and from New York University (NYU), after which he completed a two-year-long dental implant residency.

In the time since he has furthered his expertise with advanced training from the famed Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Dr. Sepiashvili is certified as an Invisalign® provider and is qualified to offer the pioneering NEW YOU DENTURES™ treatment.
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Meet Dr. Mejia

Dr. Mejia is also dual-degreed, having earned her first at Dental University in Santo Domingo in her home country of the Dominican Republic and her second at NYU. She also finished a two-year-long dental implant residency after dental school.

Dr. Mejia has continued to expand her areas of expertise in the years following, completing a residency with Dr. Jay Gerber and undergoing supplemental training in neuromuscular dentistry at the distinguished LVI. She is also a certified Invisalign® provider.
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Our Featured Treatments

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Veneers Let You Smile Confidently Again

For those who are too embarrassed to smile because of their non-aesthetically pleasing teeth, then porcelain veneers could be the perfect solution for you. Failure to get porcelain veneers could result in gapped, stained, misshapen, crooked or chipped teeth that make it hard for patients to smile with confidence again. 

That is why we encourage anyone who wants to restore their imperfect teeth, to come into our office. Our qualified doctors use advanced techniques and technologies to make you natural-looking teeth you can be proud of. 

Porcelain veneers are a fast treatment solution to give patients the smiles they deserve. Porcelain veneers are made from porcelain because they look and feel like natural teeth. Customized to fit every patient’s unique smile, the veneers are made to look like your natural teeth and enhance your overall smile.

Don't Believe These Veneer Myths
tmj disorder treatment

Say Goodbye To Jawpain With TMJ Treatment

For patients with temporomandibular joints, TMJ disorder, then the different types of TMJ treatments could be the right choice for you.  Patients who do not seek professional help to treat this disorder could develop worse symptoms of jaw discomfort and locking, misaligned teeth, headaches, earaches, and vertigo. All these TMJ symptoms can negatively impact your overall health. 

You should come to our exceptional dental office where our practiced and focused doctors give advanced treatment with care. Our expert doctors use state-of-the-art dental technologies to ensure they are giving their patients the best, most precise treatments possible.

Our offices TMJ Treatment options include the J5 TENS Unite to relax jaw muscles, Invisalign to to straighten teeth, and dental implants for tooth replacement. TMJ disorder can affect many parts of the body, but TMJ treatments can get rid of all these painful symptoms.

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