Dry Lips? It May Be Your Dentures!

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Dentures are not only meant to look like your natural teeth, but are also supposed to function to them as much as possible. Unfortunately, not all dentures are created equal and it is very easy to find cheap dentures that do not fit correctly. If you have dentures, you may have noticed that your lips are frequently dry or sticky. This can not only be embarrassing and unsightly, but can also damage your lips and cause them to bleed. Often, the culprit is poorly fitting dentures.

How Dentures Can Harm Your Lips:

Dentures are meant to support your face in much the same way as your natural teeth. This includes supporting the lips. A good pair of dentures will actually support your lips as well and can help maintain or even improve the shape of your mouth.

Poorly fitting dentures do not offer the same level of support for your lips, and can cause your lips to actually fold inward especially if you are eating. This folding can cause food and saliva to dry on your lips, leaving them dry and cracked, and can increase the chances of you biting your lips while you are eating.

If your dentures fit especially poorly, you may notice that your lips fold inwards even while you are not eating. This not only leads to an aged appearance, but can also cause saliva to build up on your lips and the corner of your mouth. You may also notice that you are drooling more often, which is common when your dentures do not fit properly.

Not All Dentures Are Created Equal!

What’s worse is how poorly fitting dentures affect the whole health of the mouth. There are certain precautions to keep in mind when considering the kinds of dentures you are looking for.

Common issues plague normal dentures not long after they have been made. Because the jawbone degrades due to no or less tooth structure support, dentures will slowly start not fitting as well. This leads to pain, especially in use while eating. Or even slippage where the dentures shift out of place or fall out altogether. Another common issue is speaking when dentures are first placed as you are adjusting to the feel. Dentures also require a rigorous cleaning routine to maintain and keep in peak condition.

Fortunately, there are many options that may help with this problem whilst still being Dentures! New You Dentures™ are custom-crafted dentures specifically made to fit your mouth. This new denture model is made specifically to support your jaw bone and work of existing healthy teeth structures. First, your mouth is measured specifically with the neuromuscular structure of your face in mind. Then the specifications are sent to a lab to be crafted so that they look as close to your natural teeth as possible.

New You Dentures™ can be supported by both healthy teeth as well as dental implants to help avoid slippage and pain! Dental implants can provide the strength and structure that could make dentures work well for you!

Getting The Best Dentures In Mohegan Lake, New York

Dentures can and should be made to give you full function and comfort. Dr. George Sepiashvili and Dr. Wanda Mejia at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office in Mohegan Lake, NY have been expertly trained in the use of New You Dentures™ as well as have performed countless dental implant procedures.

If you have any questions about your dentures, New You Dentures™, or any other of our various oral health options, please contact our office in Mohegan Lake, NY and schedule your consultation today! Having helped hundreds of patients through their unique oral health needs, Dr. George Sepiashvili and Dr. Wanda Mejia are ready for all situations when it comes to healing your oral health woes. We can help discuss options and even show you the results of others like you for any of our solutions!


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