How Can I Finance My Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure In Mohegan Lake, NY?

a picture of a patients hand calculating how to finance her full mouth dental implant procedure on a calculator next to her laptop.

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When patients have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth, full mouth dental implants can help. But how can patients afford their full mouth dental implant treatment? At an advanced and caring office, a skilled doctor can work with patients to help them afford and finance their full mouth dental implants in Mohegan Lake, NY. Here are the financing options patients can choose from so that they can afford their necessary full mouth dental implant procedure.


Insurance And Upfront Payments For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Mohegan Lake, NY

Many dental insurance plans can help cover the cost of a full mouth dental implant procedure. The dental insurance plan may not cover a lot of the cost for a full mouth dental implant procedure, but they can help with some of the cost.

A compassionate doctor can also accept most credit cards so that those who already have other financing options outside of what the dental office provides are able to pay back their treatment with ease. The doctor can even give the patient flexible repayment plans to help the patients meet their needs!

Third Party Financers For Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedures

The advanced dental office also works with a variety of third-party financiers to help make the cost of full mouth dental implants affordable to patients. Here are the third-party financing options patients can choose from so they can afford their full mouth dental implant procedure:

CareCredit® Health Financing:

CareCredit Health Financing is a third-party financer. It works just like a credit card, but only for health care treatments. With 0% APR for 24 months and a low or fixed APR for up to 60 months, this financier helps make full mouth dental implants affordable for many with no interest or low interest pay back.

Lending Club Patient Solutions:

When it comes to flexible solutions, there is nothing quite like Lending Club Patient Solutions. They offer long term loans at low and fixed interest rates and can work directly with the patient so they can change the plan according to their needs at any time.

Proceed Finance:

This dental practice understands that there are people who may have too low of a credit score to pay for their full mouth dental implants. That is where Proceed Finance comes in. This specific third-party financier works with those with a low credit score, offering them no collateral loans up to $70,000, with up to 108 months of a fair and fixed repayment.


We Can Help You Find The Right Financing Option For Your Full Mouth Dental Implants

At our compassionate and skilled office, we work diligently to make sure your oral needs are taken care of. For many, that includes how you pay for your necessary procedure. Our team works with you to help finance these necessary treatments. If you or a loved one have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth, you should come to our office for a consultation to see if full mouth dental implants are the right treatment option for you.

Get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili and our experienced team at our Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office to schedule an appointment today! Starting from day one, we work with you to figure out how you can finance your full mouth dental implant treatment so there are no surprises after the treatment is completed.

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