How Can Laser Dentistry Change the Look of My Smile?

Beautiful young blond smiling woman and perfect white teeth isolated over white background. There are plenty of factors that go into making a smile beautiful: the size and shape of your teeth, the color and brightness, alignment, and more.

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There are plenty of factors that go into making a smile beautiful: the size and shape of your teeth, the color and brightness, alignment, and more.

Similarly, there are many, many cosmetic dental procedures that can dramatically alter not just your smile, but your overall appearance. Here at Advanced Dentistry, you might be familiar with some procedures that our expert cosmetic dentists employ. From brand new dental implants to tooth-shaping veneers and even highly effective in-office teeth whitening procedures, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

But did you know that we can use lasers to shape and change how your smile looks, too?


What Is Laser Dentistry?

As science and medicine evolve, dental science does, too. While cosmetic dentistry is nothing new, modern cosmetic dentistry can give you an incredible smile makeover. There are many benefits of laser dentistry, used for both cosmetic and intervention dentistry.

To target bacteria and plaque buildup, laser dentistry is precise and doesn’t harm unaffected areas in the mouth. It is minimally invasive and is more comfortable than other intervention techniques; some patients don’t even require anesthesia during their laser dentistry visit. Laser dentistry can treat gum disease quickly and safely as well.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, our laser techniques can contour your gums and lengthen crowns. This procedure can remedy a “gummy” smile, making your teeth appear longer and your smile bigger. Gum contouring is effective if your gum line is uneven, or if your gums frame your teeth in an unfavorable way. Crown lengthening, or gingivectomy, removes gum from your crowns and lengthen your teeth. While not all patients are good candidates for a gingivectomy – particularly if their teeth are simply short and not covered by gum – even a minor gingivectomy can have stunning and dramatic results.

When Laser Dentistry Isn’t a Good Fit

While cosmetic laser dentistry can provide an effective, easy, and relatively painless avenue to brightening and improving the appearance of your smile, it isn’t magic, and if you’re looking for certain benefits from your cosmetic dentistry journey, laser dentistry may not be right for you.

If you have discolored, chipped or damaged teeth, veneers or dental implants may be a better fit. Veneers are a quick, easy and effective way to lengthen and restore teeth that are simply short and not good candidates for a gingivectomy. Dental implants are for severely damaged teeth, or teeth that are missing altogether.

For stained teeth, in-office dental whitenings are more effective, quicker and more comfortable than over-the-counter choices. Crown lengthening and gum contouring may make your teeth appear brighter by opening up your smile, but these are not procedures that actually change or restore brightness to your teeth.


Effective and Satisfying Cosmetic Results

If you’re unhappy with a gummy smile, your teeth appear short or if you’re ready to even out your gum line, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic laser dentistry.

To schedule an appointment at Advanced Dentistry regarding laser dentistry either for cosmetic or intervention purposes, please call us or email us today!

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