All-on-4® Dental Implants

If you have lost all your teeth or are facing the loss of your teeth, you can have a new set of teeth in one day with the All-on-4® procedure. This advanced dental restoration technique lets you get a full set of teeth with only 4 dental implants, which can not only speed your procedure, it can be less expensive as well. And the results tend to be great. They last a long time, so you can enjoy your new smile for years to come.

The best way to learn whether this procedure is right for you is to talk to a Westchester County implant dentist about your treatment options. To schedule your appointment, please call (914) 526-2144 or email Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today.

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How All-on-4® Works

All-on-4® builds on the success of the original dental implant procedure performed in 1965, using only 4 dental implants to restore an entire arch of teeth. Those implants lasted more than 40 years before their owner passed away with the implants still in place and functioning.

All-on-4 Implant Dentures diagram

The key to success of the All-on-4® system is using your body’s best bone density to support the implants. Two implants are placed in the front of your mouth, where you have thick bone that tends to be preserved more despite bone loss related to age or gum disease. The other two implants are placed toward the rear of the mouth, typically angled so they can be longer and get better purchase in your bone. This is what allows you to avoid bone grafts in most cases.

You will typically be fitted with a temporary denture at the time of the implant procedure, which can often be the same day that you had any remaining teeth extracted. The temporary denture looks attractive, but is designed to help healing.

After healing is complete, you will be fitted for your permanent denture, which can be either a removable or a fully fixed denture, depending on your preferences and the state of your oral health.

Benefits of All-on-4® Implant Dentures

The All-on-4® aesthetic implant denture is a highly engineered approach to restoring your smile. It takes advantage of the places where bone is most dense in your jaw and the increased strength of dental implants over natural teeth to support an entire arch of teeth (12-14) on just 4 dental implants.

As a result, you can experience:

  • A full arch of teeth in one day
  • Great appearance and function
  • No slipping or movement like traditional dentures
  • Can be completely installed—not removable dentures
  • Usually no bone graft necessary
  • Reduced cost
  • High long-term survival rate

If you are tired of unattractive dentures that just don’t stay put, then All-on-4® implant dentures are a good approach to getting yourself a replacement that looks and functions like natural teeth. It’s also a good treatment option for people who never want to get traditional dentures in the first place.

With fewer dental implants, the surgical and material costs are significantly reduced, making this a great budget option. And the savings won’t cost you in early failures: the highly engineered All-on-4® system has shown survival rates of 96-100% at 3-4 years and 95-98% at 5-10 years.

Limitations of All-on-4®

The All-on-4® procedure does have some limitations, though. Although survival rates look good so far, we have to admit that we just have less data about the procedure than with other dental implants. While we have 50 years of experience with traditional implants, we really only have 15 years with All-on-4® so we can’t compare the really long-term success rates (20-year+) between the procedures.

All-on-4® is not suitable for all patients, and maintenance will have to be taken seriously to help ensure dental implant survival.

If you want to learn more about All-on-4® in Westchester County, or if you are a candidate for them, please call (914) 526-2144 or contact Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake for an appointment.