If you are facing the loss of your teeth or if you are unhappy with your current dentures, you should consider All-on-4 ® implant dentures. This exciting new treatment option allows you to get a full set of teeth in one day–whether you need teeth extracted or are currently wearing dentures. It gives great-looking results, and it has a success rate as high or higher than other dental implant treatment options. But it also costs less than other alternatives, making it a great value.

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All-on-4 diagram showing the breakdown of the procedureGet Teeth in One Day

One of the most remarkable benefits of the All-on-4 system is that you can get a full set of teeth in one day. The All-on-4 ® procedure is designed to create stable, balanced forces that actually help the dental implants heal. You won’t have your final denture on the day of the first procedure, but you can have an attractive, stable, fully fixed denture that will let you smile with confidence and speak with clarity.

Whether you’re starting from failing teeth or from a traditional denture, you’ll immediately notice an improvement in your quality of life with your new implant dentures.

No Need for Time-Consuming Bone Graft

One of the things that takes time with traditional dental implant procedures is the need for a bone graft in many cases. If you don’t have enough bone or if it’s not dense enough to support your implants, then a bone graft is used to build up the bone. This adds up to six months more to your implant procedure, can yield uncertain results, and is expensive.

But because of the scientific design of All-on-4 ® implant dentures, the forces on the denture are balanced, and the implants are strongly anchored even if you have less bone than needed to support traditional dental implants.

Attractive Appearance

But All-on-4 ®  isn’t all engineering, it’s partly esthetics. Unlike traditional dentures, which often have teeth made of plastic, the All-on-4 ® implant dentures can have teeth made of highly attractive advanced ceramics that have the color and luster of natural teeth. These teeth are designed using biomimetic principles to achieve a highly personal and natural appearance.

High Success Rates

You might think that the All-on-4 ® system is a rushed job so it isn’t designed to last, but that’s far from the truth. The All-on-4 ® system has clinically proven success rates that are as high or higher than other dental implant systems: 96-100% survival at 3-4 years and 95-98% survival rates at 5-10 years. These high survival rates are accompanied by good healing and maintenance of your natural tissue around the implants and under the denture. This means that the implants are likely to have good survival rates for the long term.

And it’s important to remember that the first ever dental implant procedure in 1965 was performed using four implants to support a lower denture. These implants served for more than 40 years before their owner passed away.

Lower Costs with All-on-4 ®

With all these benefits, you might expect to pay more for the All-on-4 ® system, but the truth is that it’s such a well-designed system that it will actually cost you less than traditional implant approaches. The reduced procedure time, the lack of bone graft, and the overall efficiency of the system can save you significantly when comparing implant procedures.

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