If you are considering replacing lost teeth with full implant dentures, there are many systems out there to choose from, but the one you should choose is All-on-4 by Nobel Biocare. That’s the system we’ve chosen, and we think if you look at the options, you’ll see that Nobel Biocare stands out. Here’s why.


It’s hard to argue with success, and that’s what All-on-4 delivers. It’s an implant system with a very high success rate. Implant survival rate is 96-100% at 3-4 years and 95-98% at 5-10 years. And that high success rate isn’t just marginal success–studies show healthy tissue growth or maintenance around the dental implants.


Clinical success is one thing, but how do people feel about their All-on-4 implants? Great. The All-on-4 system has a 97% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf. That’s 97% of people who received the system saying they think it is worth it, making it one of the most highly rated procedures on the site. People are happy with all aspects of the procedure.

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The All-on-4 process is designed to deliver “immediate function.” That means you get your teeth in a day, possibly even the same day that you had your natural teeth removed. That way, you never have to be without teeth.


The All-on-4 systems is designed as a unified approach, with all components engineered to work together. This helps them achieve not just long-term stability and function, but equally impressive attractiveness.


Dental implants are not inexpensive, but All-on-4 is significantly less expensive than other options for implant dentures. With only four implants and an efficiently engineered system, All-on-4 is able to bring down costs without sacrificing quality.


Nobel Biocare is the company that is directly linked to the original innovator Per Ingvar Brånemark, and it traces its technology back to the first implant case 50 years ago, which, incidentally, used only four dental implants to secure a full arch denture.They continue to maintain ties with Dr. Brånemark’s original patients, including the second patient to ever receive dental implants, who still has them, more than 50 years after placement.


Nobel Biocare has not been idle all these years. They’ve been working with dental implants, not only designing them, but supporting them with extensive research. The Brånemark System is the most thoroughly researched implant system on the planet. And this is true when it comes to the All-on-4 ® restorations, too. Perhaps 90% of clinical studies on this type of treatment use Nobel Biocare implants.


With all the clinical trials supporting Nobel Biocare’s implants, the company has also examined areas where their systems can be improved, and they continue to develop remarkable new solutions to the problems facing implant patients.
The All-on-4 ® concept is itself an example of the truly remarkable innovations the company is making. Overcoming the challenge of fully supporting full dentures with only four implants was a remarkable achievement, and the system is definitely a high-tech marvel.

Are They Right for You?

All of these factors are great reasons why people choose All-on-4 implant dentures, but they don’t necessarily mean that they’re right for you. The only way to know that for sure is to talk to an implant dentist.
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