The Changing Frontier of Cosmetic Dentistry

New Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

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In the last decade, technology has experienced rapid-fire growth. Though every person doesn’t yet have a flying car, we are on the precipice of being able to edit our genes with technologies like CRISPR. During this time of progress, smiles have also enjoyed the benefits of technology. As cosmetic dentistry has gotten better and better, several innovative treatments have been perfected to help us improve our smiles.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry that improves both the function and appearance of your teeth. While some patients may consider cosmetic dentistry to be frivolous, it’s hard to argue the affect our smile has on our appearance. It’s often the first thing other’s notice about us, and can prove to be quite the asset both in our professional and personal lives. With the advent of technology, now there’s more ways than ever for cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of our smiles.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help?

Cosmetic dentistry has several treatment options which allow patients to correct smile pain-points, including, stained teeth, crooked teeth, chips or cracks, and even missing teeth. Professional whitening, for example, is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedure around, and can now whiten your smile by up to eight shades in about an hour. Using a solution meant to dissolve staining agents, this is applied to your teeth in three treatments, and activated with a light catalyst, which helps to pull stains from your enamel.

Treatments like Invisalign or invisible braces, can help to straighten your smile in as little as six months, compared to braces which can take up to five years. That’s because of the use of learning algorithms which take data from over 2 million smiles to construct the fastest and most efficient plan to straighten your teeth.

Are You Missing Teeth?

Even if you’ve lost teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. Although traditional dentures were, for a long time, the only treatment option, dental implants carry a 98 percent success rate when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Comprised of a titanium implant and a ceramic crown custom-crafted to match the exact shade of your other teeth, dental implants that have been cared for properly have been known to last a lifetime. That’s because they function much like a normal tooth.

After the titanium implant has been inserted into the jaw, a process known as osseointegration occurs which fuses bone and tissue to the implant, turning it into something similar to an actual tooth root. Not only can this make your smile as beautiful as it once was, it can also save bone mass.

And innovations in dental implants continue. Thanks to new approaches like the All-on-4 implant denture, you can now get a full set of replacement teeth in just one procedure.

If you live in Mohegan Lake or surrounding areas of Westchester County, New York, we can help with the appearance of your smile. Please call (914) 526-2144 or contact Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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