Halloween in Mohegan Lake is magical. This is, after all, home to Washington Irving and the location of some of the nation’s most impressive late-fall celebrations. A central part these celebrations in Mohegan Lake and, indeed, throughout the country, is candy – lots and lots of candy. And with the increased consumption of sweets comes an increased need for proper dental care.

Mohegan Lake dentist Dr. Wanda Mejia encourages you to enjoy Halloween however you see fit – just be sure that enjoyment isn’t overshadowed by eventual oral health problems. Simply taking time to brush after every snack and floss both morning and night can help prevent sugar-related issues such as tooth decay, and keep your smile strong and healthy well into the future.

Remember, while sugar itself does not cause cavities, it speeds the process significantly. Swift removal of sticky sweets from the surface of teeth prevents decay and infection, and may even help prevent discoloration and other cosmetic issues brought about by colored candies and treats.

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