Dr. Sepiashvili discusses procedures he and his team offer at their practice.

Woman in pain with TMJ grabs her jaw

TMJ is a hard-to-diagnose condition that can lead to many symptoms, such as jaw pain, headaches, and more. If your doctor hasn’t been able to give relief for these symptoms, TMJ may be the cause.

Blonde woman experiences jaw pain making it hard to speak

Jaw pain can be a dull ache, sharp shocks, or a grinding agony. TMJ treatment is a non-invasive approach that can relieve many types of jaw pain, without surgery and without drugs.

Brown haired woman with a migraine closes her eyes and rubs her forehead

Migraines and other chronic headaches can often be traced to TMJ. Properly aligning your jaw with a noninvasive treatment, can reduce the severity of migaines.

Happy grandmother shows off her amazing dental implants while joking at home

Attractive, easy to care for, excellent function, and capable of lasting a lifetime. Dental implants are the tooth replacement option that are most similar to your natural teeth.

Middle aged man smirks and shows how to stay young looking with implant dentures

If you’re looking for a full mouth option for replacing your teeth, All-on-4® Implant Dentures are a great choice for you.

A man with dentures relaxes outside on a beautiful day

Dentures shouldn’t have it’s only purpose be for function. Our amazing dentures can give you a more natural fit and the smile you can’t wait to show off.

A woman looks amazing with her complete smile with cosmetic dentistry

Your teeth aren’t just intended for chewing, they’re supposed to look good. Any dentistry that doesn’t recognize that is incomplete. A smile can be completed with cosmetic dentistry.

A happy young man shows off his smile makeover and long flowing hair

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we can fix almost any combination of complaints to give you a beautiful smile you’ll be delighted to show off.

Businessman yawns while working during the day at his office

Sleep apnea is when your breathing stops during sleep. It can be deadly to your overall health. We can help improve your breathing during sleep.

Annoyed woman holds a pillow over her ears when her husband snores loudly next to her.

Snoring isn’t just a minor nuisance. It is associated with sleep apnea, and it interferes with your rest—and the rest of anyone who shares the room with you.

Mature male hockey fan shows off his white teeth when rooting for his favorite team

Teeth become discolored with age, but none of us want our teeth to make us look old. Teeth whitening removes tooth stains to help your teeth look young again.

A middle aged couple happy about a new smile and new home

Porcelain veneers give your teeth an entirely new surface. Whether your teeth are chipped, gapped, or crooked, they can make them look bright and beautiful.

Woman shows off her healthy smile while taking a walk outside

We handle everyday maintenance of your oral health and deal with routine problems as they arise. But the results we achieve are anything but “everyday” or “routine.”

This man can relax at the dentist with sedation dentistry

If fear of the dentist is keeping you from getting the dental treatments need, sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

An Invisalign clear braces retainer

Want to straighten your teeth without metal brackets and wires? Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to give you a straighter smile.

A young family lays on the ground, laughing with each other

Everyone in your family is welcome at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake. From your first tooth to your last, we care for them all.

With tooth-colored fillings a woman smiles confidentially

When minor decay affects your teeth, we can restore it. Tooth-colored fillings also have many functional benefits for your teeth’s health.

Attractive businesswoman is confident to close a sale with her dental bridge

Dental bridges can replace a missing tooth with an attractive, non-removable artificial tooth. It is a good option for people who cannot receive dental implants.

Man sitting in his living room showing off his dental crowns that allow him to live an active lifestyle.

When your tooth has major decay, infection, or structural weakness, a dental crown can restore it to full function and an attractive appearance.

A diagram of the stages of a root canal

When your tooth becomes infected, that infection threatens all your teeth and even your life. A root canal treats that infection and saves the tooth.

A young woman with piercing eyes smiles with confidence because of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry allows us to reshape your gums and treat gum disease without cutting your gums. Lasers can also kill bacteria, helping your gums to heal.

A woman spends a beautiful day at the beach

Gum disease is a chronic infection of the gums that can lead to more than tooth loss. We can treat gum disease to protect your teeth and your overall health.

A  woman sits in her dentist office, ready for a cleaning appointment

Preventive dentistry is the best bargain in health care. You will not only protect your teeth and gums from infection and decay, you’ll protect your overall health.

With a restored smile this woman's smile is attractive & healthy

Reconstructive dentistry gives us the ability to restore damaged teeth to create an attractive and healthy smile, and restore its appearance.

A young woman pointing to her reshaped jaw with functional orthodontics.

If you are looking for orthodontic treatment that is more than a cosmetic fix, you might benefit from functional orthodontics. By reshaping your jaw, functional orthodontics can help children and adults who are have bite problems like TMJ or breathing problems like sleep apnea.

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