Tooth Jewelry Is Making a Big Comeback–Will It Damage Your Teeth?

Smile with tooth jewelry

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Although celebrities are not always eager to smile, one recent beauty trend is making them bare their pearly whites more often these days: tooth jewelry. With no makeup and no ready styling tips, we understand that the smile is an area that is usually left alone by fashion, so it makes sense that this may come up every once in awhile.

But will following this tooth trend damage your oral health and leave your smile worse for the wear?

Who’s Sporting the Bling?

The good news is that the current trend in tooth jewelry tends to be minimalist. Katy Perry, for example, wore a subtle Nike swoosh on one of her teeth at the iHeart Music Awards. This was so subtle it was upstaged by a quinoa seed stuck in her teeth. Of course, the item first caught media attention in December though she’d had it placed in September or earlier. Earlier last year, Kim K wore some bigger bling on her teeth–of course she wouldn’t do anything minimalist!

But following in the wake of these a-listers, we have many B- and C-lister stars that are showing off the bling on their smiles. This includes Hailey Baldwin, who has three gems on her teeth. Cara Delevingne sported a gold plane and loop on her teeth. Adwoa Aboah sports a chanel logo with a tiny crystal on her teeth. And singer Halsey has been seen wearing a gold star on her tooth–probably not a sticker from her hygienist for being a good toothbrusher.

But Is It Safe?

Like many things, tooth jewelry can be safe or dangerous, depending how you do it. It’s never a good idea to try this kind of thing at home. Kits for this sort of thing you get online or at your local store may have elements that are toxic or damaging. Talk to your dentist before you get any tooth jewelry. Even if they don’t offer it, they can help you understand what risks the jewelry might pose to your teeth.

Probably the best way to get tooth jewelry is to have it added to a restoration you’re getting anyway–it’s easier and safer to bond to a crown or a veneer than to your natural teeth.

If you do get a gem bonded to your teeth, don’t wear it for too long. If you do, it can lead to localized demineralization of the tooth, which can cause it to turn chalky white–and make it vulnerable to decay.

And, speaking of decay, make sure you clean your teeth properly when you have the jewelry on. Tooth jewelry can shelter oral bacteria and collect food particles, increasing your risk of decay.

Be extra careful to avoid trauma when you have something hard on your tooth–it can potentially magnify the force of a blow and may chip or crack your teeth.

A Beautiful Foundation

But if you’re thinking about tooth jewelry, you’ll want to make sure that your teeth are ready for all the extra attention they’re going to get. If you’re looking for a Westchester County dentist who can help ensure the health and beauty of your teeth, please call (914) 526-2144 today for an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake.

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