Why Should I Consider Getting Multiple Dental Implants In Mohegan Lake, NY?

an elderly couple smiling at each other at the dinner table because they have gotten successful multiple dental implants.

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Struggling with damaged teeth that do not work like they used to? Are missing teeth getting in the way of normal, everyday activities? With multiple dental implants in Mohegan Lake, NY, patients are able to have a beautiful, comfortable, and functioning smile that is long lasting.  Here is why patients should consider getting multiple dental implants to restore their imperfect smile.


How Are Multiple Dental Implants Similar To Natural Teeth?


There are many ways that multiple dental implants in Mohegan Lake, NY, are similar to natural teeth. It mostly comes down to how the dental implants themselves are designed. Dental implants are composed of a dental implant post, an abutment, and the dental crown or prosthetic.

The dental implant post is placed in the patient’s jawbone. A dental implant post is made to function like a natural tooth root, stimulating the patients jawbone and making it strong, stable, and healthy. The abutment is then fashioned onto the dental implant post. Finally, the customized dental prosthetic or crown can be cemented into place.

Multiple dental implants give patients a natural looking and functional smile that can last for years to come, if properly taken care of. When people fix their smile with multiple dental implants, it can even lead to better overall health. Dental implants are the closest option to natural teeth and can give patients the ability to live their life normally.


What Is The Process For Getting Multiple Dental Implants?


The multiple dental implant treatment process starts with the patient going to a trusted general practitioner for a consultation. In this consultation, the general practitioner can take scans and x-rays of the patients mouth so they can create a personalized treatment plan.

Once the plans are made and the dental implants are prepared, it’s time for surgery. This can be aided with sedation dentistry to make the multiple dental implant treatment process anxiety-free and comfy. The dental implants can then be strategically and precisely placed in the patient’s jawbone using customized surgical guides.

Until final tooth prosthetics are ready to be placed, the patient can have temporary prosthetics that will allow them to eat, speak and chew properly after their multiple dental implant surgery. Finally, when the customized dental prosthetic is ready, it can be cemented into the patient’s mouth giving them a working and beautiful new smile for years to come.


Where Do I Get Multiple Dental Implants In Mohegan Lake, NY?


If you are looking for a skilled general practitioner that can give you a successful multiple dental implant procedure, the Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office has got you covered! Dr. George Spiashvili is expertly trained in dental implant placements and has the advanced techniques and technologies to give patients a new smile they can trust.

If you want your multiple dental implants placed by the best, consider coming to our advanced office for a consultation. Get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili and our extraordinary team at our Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office to schedule an appointment today! Say goodbye to your tired old teeth and start smiling with multiple dental implants.

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