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The short answer is yes. Dentures aren’t your natural teeth, and as your face originally developed around your natural teeth, it will now have to adapt to your new replacement teeth, your dentures.

But that’s not a bad thing. In fact, dentures can have a really positive impact on your mouth and can even change your facial appearance for the better.

Man eating fast food while working

How Dentures Can Make a Positive Change

If you’ve been dealing with bad teeth, a bad bite, or even bad dentures for a while, the benefits of a good set of dentures will be immediate and dramatic.

With damaged, worn, or missing teeth, your face can begin to develop a sunken or lopsided appearance. Poorly fitted dentures won’t help, and may even make things worse. But with properly fitting dentures, your mouth will be restored to its proper balance. Your face will look healthier, and you’ll probably feel healthier too.

In addition to the visible changes, tooth loss and bad dentures can contribute to bite problems such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Because New You Dentures ® are designed using neuromuscular dentistry principles, they will restore your bite to its proper configuration. Your dentures will feel more comfortable, and you might notice that you have fewer problems with jaw pain or headaches.

With dental implants to secure your New You Dentures ® (as is recommended), they will be even better at supporting your jaw and face. And they’ll maintain your jawbone, so you can maintain your youthful appearance despite dentures.

Negative Consequences from Dentures

But not all dentures will make a positive impact on the shape of your mouth. With traditional dentures, you will probably notice how bulky they feel, and they may even make you gag at first.

This effect is even more pronounced with economy dentures. To make these dentures more cheaply and more quickly, they come in only a limited number of sizes. Since you can’t be fitted with a denture that’s too small for your mouth, you’ll probably end up with one that’s too big for your mouth.

The bulk of these dentures will probably even be visible with your mouth closed, and may make your face look puffy.

Another change that dentures will cause in your mouth is the loss of bone in your jaw. Because there are no teeth to stimulate your jawbone, your body naturally removes it. If your dentures aren’t fitted properly, you may end up with more pressure on one side of the face than the other, which will cause more bone to be removed there, leading to a lopsided appearance.

If your dentures don’t properly fit your mouth, it can also cause an aged appearance, contributing to the appearance of hanging jowls, deep folds and wrinkles, a sunken mouth, and turkey neck.

The Choice Is Yours

Because dentures aren’t your natural teeth, some degree of change in response to them is inevitable. But that change can be for the better or worse, and you have control over which it will be.

If you are looking for dentures in Mohegan Lake that can really make a positive difference in the appearance of your face, please call (914) 526-2144 for an appointment with a denture dentist at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake.

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