Vitamins, Minerals, and Reducing Migraines

Four spoonfuls of vitamin supplements that have different colors. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches accompanied by other TMJ symptoms a dentist can offer you a drug free treatment option and forgo Vitamins, Minerals for Reducing Migraines

Having frequent migraines isn’t just painful, it can be frustrating, hopeless, and isolating. According to, nearly 38 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from some form of migraine, and nearly 2-3 million suffer from chronic migraines. Unarguable, these headaches disrupt lives and diminish a person’s quality of life — of those 38 million, […]

Why You Need Teeth Whitening

Career minded man working on his computer at work. Due to numerous things like coffee and cigarettes he no longer liked his teeth. Now with the help of the dentists in Tarrytown he's improved his oral health.

It makes sense that you would want a whiter smile. Frequenting social media is likely to showcase beaches, wonderful people, and beautiful teeth! Why wouldn’t you want to get in on that action? We’ve talked about professional teeth whitening before. Although it can sound scary, it’s actually easy, affordable and worth it! In this week’s […]