Why You Need Teeth Whitening

Career minded man working on his computer at work. Due to numerous things like coffee and cigarettes he no longer liked his teeth. Now with the help of the dentists in Tarrytown he's improved his oral health.

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It makes sense that you would want a whiter smile. Frequenting social media is likely to showcase beaches, wonderful people, and beautiful teeth! Why wouldn’t you want to get in on that action? We’ve talked about professional teeth whitening before. Although it can sound scary, it’s actually easy, affordable and worth it! In this week’s blog, we’ll be talking about what makes you a candidate for teeth whitening.

Coffee and Cigarettes

Besides being a movie, as well as a line in several songs, coffee and cigarettes are both some of the biggest teeth stainers around. Contained in nicotine and coffee are millions of staining agents which enter your mouth and cling to the natural ridges of your enamel. If you regularly partake in one or both of these activities, you’re a perfect candidate for professional teeth whitening. These extrinsic stains, which occur on the outside layer of teeth, are exactly the type of stains the procedure was designed to fix. Just be careful: those habits created stains in the first place, so if you keep them up, those whitening results aren’t likely to last long.

Do You Have Dental Restorations?

If you’ve ever had crowns, bridges, veneers, or even tooth-colored fillings, you know those restorations were carefully matched to the color of your teeth. Unfortunately, if you picked up a bad habit or two of the staining variety, this shade may change overtime, making these restorations stand out amongst your other teeth. In this case, whitening may be a good idea. Although it won’t affect your restorations, it can help you maintain the whiteness that your restorations were originally matched to.

Do Have Poor Oral Health?

Gum disease or untreated cavities take precedence over procedures like whitening because they could have serious effects on your overall health. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, dementia, and diabetes, and should be taken seriously. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with pain or discomfort after the procedure, and the whitening may not be as effective as it could be on healthy teeth. Also, complications like gum disease can create other cosmetic problems that whitening can’t solve, such as missing teeth, and chips. For these issues, treatments like dental implants and other restorations are a better bet.

Are You Ready For Whitening?

After reading this list, do you think you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening? If so, there are several options to consider. In-office treatments are known to be the most effective. Because of extensive training, dental hygienist have access to more powerful whitening solutions that can’t be found in store. However, that’s not to say that in-office treatment can’t be combined with a take-home solution for maximum results. This can help you to maintain those pearly-whites longer than normal, especially if you cut out habits like smoking.

If you’re unhappy with discolored teeth, we can help. Please call (914) 526-2144 or email Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.

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