Can You Replace Multiple Teeth With Dental Implants?

Two Single Dental Implants Side By Side

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“I need to replace nearly half of my upper teeth!” This is a common concern for many people who come to us here in Mohegan Lake, New York. Luckily, you may replace multiple damaged, decayed, or lost teeth at once with dental implants! There are a number of factors as to how and why this may be the case. Here are a few of the major ones we cover first in many initial appointments. 


Figuring Out If You Are A Good Candidate

All dental implants rely on the health and strength of your jaw to determine if you are a good candidate for implants. A dentist, and more specifically an oral surgeon, will determine the health of your jawbone through imaging technology like X-rays as well as a physical examination to determine the health of the jawbone. Why? Posts for dental implants act much like root structures of healthy teeth and without a healthy jawbone to support them, they are much more likely to fail.

The health of your remaining teeth is also important. If your other teeth are decaying or have signs of damage or inflammation, a doctor may suggest a full arch replacement (depending on severity). This is because single implants are susceptible to becoming loose or falling out when the gums surrounding the teeth are reacting to changes in the surrounding streets. To simplify, if a tooth is decaying, the surrounding gums start to inflame, causing implants to shift with the increasing and decreasing of inflammation of the gums.

For those who have healthy jaws and remaining teeth, there are a few different options to consider for tooth replacements.

Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

Of course, there is the option we have been discussing so far, dental implants. This is the by far strongest and most reliable way to replace missing, decayed, or damaged teeth. Because they are set into your jaw using a post, they should last a lifetime. The dental crown on top is also made to match your surrounding teeth to give an aesthetic similarity to them. Dental implants are also the most expensive option in most cases which is why there are a few other options to consider.

Partial dentures are a good budget option for replacing missing teeth, especially if your other surrounding teeth are in great condition. This is because partial dentures rely on surrounding teeth for support rather than adhesive which allows them to stay in place much more easily. Of course, if you are missing an entire arch of teeth, there are multiple different arch restorations such as full arch dental implants as well as traditional dentures.

Knowing which option is the best for you can be tricky though. Luckily, we here at Advanced Dentistry have handled many large and small cases of dental implant restorations. With our cutting-edge methods and our stellar doctors, we have worked with just about every case imaginable when it comes to dental restorations.


Are You Considering Dental Implants?

If you live in or near Mohegan Lake, New York, and are looking for someone to talk to about dental implants, consider giving us a call at (914) 594-6824 to schedule a consultation today! Meet one of our amazing doctors, Drs. George Sepiashivili and Wanda Meiji, and find out how we can help replace your missing teeth.

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