Are There Any Drug-Free Sedation Options In Dentistry?

Dental Patient Wearing An Eye Mask

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There has been a growing number of people seeking alternative options to medications over the past decades to help calm dental anxieties. With this rise has come a rise in many different drug-free options to assist in healing oneself. But what about sedation?

This has been a growing concern for us here at Advanced Dentistry as we seek to provide the best care to all who visit us. That is why we are happy to announce our drug-free sedation option known as NuCalm®


What Is NuCalm®?

As a relatively recent innovation in the world of sedation, NuCalm is a non-narcotic sedation method used as a total sensory experience to prevent pain during procedures. There are a few steps to how NuCalm works:

  1. Application of a calming cream. This cream is made using all-natural ingredients and interrupts stress chemicals released during painful situations.
  2. Application of patches behind the ears. These are for microcurrent stimulation which helps activate the parts of our brain that activate when we are relaxed.
  3. Placing headphones over the ears that play calming music. The music is specific neuroacoustics made for this procedure.
  4. Placing the NuCalm light-blocking eye mask or dark glasses to remove visual stimuli and maintain relaxation

All of this is done to help reduce anxiety responses to pain and, in turn, decrease the feeling of pain. Studies continue to show that by increasing relaxation responses in our brains we can decrease the amount of pain we feel overall. Applying this method, NuCalm has proven a great way to reduce an individual’s pain responses.

Comparison to Other Sedatives

Now that you know about NuCalm, is it safe? Is NuCalm effective? Well, the best way to understand how NuCalm works is in comparison to other narcotic sedative options.

When it comes to safety, NuCalm is unmatched in comparison to intravenous and non-intravenous narcotic sedative options. This is because no drugs are being added to your system which totally eliminates the possibility of issues caused by narcotic drug use.

As for effectiveness, that mostly depends on the individual. NuCalm works better in people who are not resistant to the relaxation being induced. This resistance can be caused by an overwhelming level of fear or discomfort with the process. In those who do take well to the NuCalm process though, there is no difference between this method and narcotic sedative methods. They are all equally effective in preventing pain.

It is important for the best chance for NuCalm to work, you visit someone who has been trained in the use of this new sedative option. Luckily, both Dr. George Sepiashivili and Dr. Wanda Meiji are trained in this method and are ready to discuss this as an option for your next dental procedure.


Are You Considering Drug-Free Sedation Dentistry?

If you want to learn more about NuCalm or any of our other practices, consider giving our Mohegan Lake, New York office a call at (914) 594-6824 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing about how NuCalm can help you through your next dental procedure!

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