Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

Dental Implants vs. Dentures | Dentist Tarrytown

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If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re not alone. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, nearly 70 percent of adults aged 35 to 44 years in the United States have lost at least one tooth due to decay, gum disease, or trauma. For many years, traditional dentures have been the treatment. However, with the advent of treatments like dental implants, patients now have better options.

Traditional dentures are a removable prosthetic device supported by the soft and hard tissue of the oral cavity. Many patients dislike traditional dentures because they require extensive cleaning, and can often fall out of the mouth when eating or talking.

Here are two reasons to consider dental implants over traditional dentures.

Dental Implants Require Less Upkeep

Dental implants are comprised of two main components: the titanium implant, and the ceramic crown. First, the titanium implant is inserted into the jaw bone, where it will undergo a processes known as osseointegration. Through this process, the titanium implant will fuse with the jaw bone and the surrounding tissue, functioning much like a natural tooth root, which is when the ceramic crown is attached.

This unique structure allows your dental implant to function like a natural tooth. Unlike traditional dentures, you won’t need to remove them every night — you won’t be able to! — or have to undergo any special procedure beyond your normal oral hygiene routine of brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for a cleaning. Considering that dentures come with risks associated with accidentally falling asleep in them, which can double the risk of pneumonia in the elderly, the convenience of dental implants can be a welcome reward.

Dental Implants Can Improve Your Self-esteem

According to a study presented at the Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the American Association for Dental Research, tooth loss can come with some unexpected risks. It’s well known that tooth loss can cause bone loss in the jaw, making cheeks appear sunken, but now, there seems to be a connection between tooth loss, depression, and anxiety. One of the reasons behind this research data, collected from a survey put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, could be simply the embarrassment of losing teeth.

Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants give patients the opportunity to replace their missing teeth with an implant which is virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth. That’s because a custom-made crown is created out of high-tech ceramic meant to mimic the luster of natural tooth enamel. Tested against even the toughest foods, it remains incredibly durable. You can keep eating all your favorite foods. Many people find that dentures force them to change their diet or eating habits.

Although dental implants carry a large, upfront cost, they may never need to be replaced. Compared with traditional dentures, which last between 5-7 years, dental implants that have been properly cared for, can last a lifetime, supported by clinical studies up to 30 years long and anecdotal reports of implants lasting 50 years or more. Not only that, but implants carry a 98 percent success-rate among patients who qualify for the procedure.

If you are missing one or more teeth and live in or around Mohegan Lake, New York, please call (914) 526-2144 or contact Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake online to schedule a dental implant consultation with a Westchester County implant dentist.

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