How Can Implant Supported Dentures Help Me In Mohegan Lake, NY?

Dental Patients Eating And Drinking Using Their Implant Supported Dentures

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For those who are looking to improve the stability of their dentures, implant supported dentures in Mohegan Lake, NY provide the best way to do that. With this fantastic dental device, patients can keep the dentures they love but with the strength and support of dental implants.

There are many ways that implant supported dentures can upgrade people’s lives. Here are some of the key-ways implant supported dentures can help patients.


How Implant Supported Dentures Provide Greater Stability

One key thing implant supported dentures in Mohegan Lake, NY do is provide a greater level of stability to the functionality of dentures. This is because the dental implants anchor the dentures into a single position which prevents them from slipping or causing patients discomfort.

How this is done is through the structure of the dental implant itself. The dental implant is composed of a post, an abutment, and the denture.

The post is what is surgically placed into a patient’s healthy jawbone structures. The dental implant post acts like a tooth root, providing support for the dentures and the jawbone. The abutment goes on top of the post, and the dentures are placed on top of the abutment. Dentures are what are functionally like a patient’s natural teeth.

Through the use of implant supported dentures, patients can fully restore their ability to smile, speak, and eat. Because the dentures are anchored in one position, slippage is no longer an issue. Because the dental implant posts are placed into the patients jawbone, patients don’t need to be concerned about jawbone decay.

What Are The Cosmetic Benefits Of Implant Supported Dentures?

There are also benefits to the look of a patient’s smile with implant supported dentures in Mohegan Lake, NY. Just like with other dentures, implant supported dentures are customized to look like patients’ natural teeth.

How Are Implant Supported Dentures Placed? 

There are several steps to the implant supported denture treatment process. First, a skilled doctor takes scans of a patients mouth to design them and plan how they are going to be placed. The doctor can then share these designs with the patient and work with them until it is customized to look how the patient wants.

Then, the trained team of dental professionals can place the patients implant supported dentures through surgery. Once they are precisely placed, the doctor can start the process of creating the patient’s dentures. While the patient’s dental implants heal in their jawbone, they are given a temporary denture, so they never have to be without teeth.

Once the patient’s mouth is fully healed and their permanent denture is made, the doctor can place it, restoring the patients smile with their new teeth. With their expertise in dental implant placement, the skilled doctors in Mohegan Lake, NY are ready to go above and beyond to give patients the smile of their dreams


We Can Place Your Implant Supported Dentures

If you are interested in getting your own implant supported dentures, our modern and highly skilled dental office can help you. Get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili and Dr. Wanda Mejia at our office by Mohegan Lake, NY to schedule an appointment today!

We are always taking on new clients. Consider giving yourself the gift of stable teeth for years to come with us.

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