Why You Should Consider Getting Porcelain Veneers In Mohegan Lake, NY

a single porcelain dental veneer

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For those who are looking for a durable way to enhance their smile, consider getting porcelain veneers. Not only can they aesthetically improve the look of a patient’s teeth, but they can provide a small amount of functional benefit as well. Here’s why patients should consider getting porcelain veneers in Mohegan Lake, NY.


What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a thin and strong dental device used to cosmetically enhance a patient’s smile. This thin porcelain layer is placed over the top of the patient’s healthy teeth in order to give the aesthetic look of a white, straightened set of teeth. Many people have perfectly healthy teeth that are discolored or not straight. Porcelain veneers in Mohegan Lake, NY are a way to hide those imperfections in the quickest way possible!

Anyone with gapped teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, cracked teeth, or any other dental imperfection, can get their teeth cosmetically enhanced with porcelain veneers. The fact is though, veneers can do more than cosmetic enhancements. They can even provide a small amount of protection to a patient’s teeth. This thin material can help protect teeth against further damage from foreign objects, as well as help with tooth sensitivity.


A Fast Solution To Tooth Problems

The reason porcelain is used for dental veneers in Mohegan Lake, NY, is because of the shine it gives. Porcelain veneers get mistaken all the time for normal healthy-looking teeth. Many who come to this office like to hear that but want to know how long it will take to get a shimmering smile.

As compared to other cosmetic treatments, porcelain veneers are the fastest way to improve a patient’s smile. In just a few weeks, a trusted doctor is able to make the veneers and place them, giving a smile patient’s will be able to share with confidence! Orthodontics can take years to fully straighten patients’ teeth and teeth whitening methods will also have to be redone. But porcelain veneers can last a lifetime with proper care.


How To Level Up Your Own Smile In Mohegan Lake, NY

If you are looking to breathe a breath of fresh air with a brand-new smile, the process of getting porcelain veneers is straightforward and quick. First, schedule a consultation with a trusted doctor who provides dental veneer services. Next, you preview what your smile could look like with dental veneers. You should be able to work with the doctor in order to customize the smile to your liking. Then, the doctor gets to work making your veneers. Finally, you come in for a final bonding appointment which is when the veneers are placed.

If you are worried about finding a doctor who will work with you to achieve your smile dreams, you have come to the right place. Our doctors have helped hundreds of patients achieve their smile dreams using dental veneer treatments. We strive for excellence and work with patients through the entire process.


If you would like to get your own dental veneers, get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili and Dr. Wanda Mejia at our Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office to schedule an appointment today! Turn that frown up-side-down and level up your smile with dental veneers.

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