Is A Denture Implant In Mohegan Lake, NY Right For Me?

a denture implant model that shows how denture implants can benefit patients smiles by using two or more dental implants to stabilize a denture.

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Need to replace missing teeth? Are traditional dentures no longer stable and comfortable? When people have these types of problems, then denture implants in Mohegan Lake, NY could be right for them. Before getting treated with denture implants, however, there are some factors that are worth the patient considering. There are numerous reasons why denture implants could be the right tooth replacement option for people.


How Denture Implants In Mohegan Lake, NY Are Right For Me

Here are some things people should consider when they are determining whether or not denture implants are the right tooth replacement option for them. The following are the major reasons why denture implants could be right for them:

Oral Health

Good oral health is important before undergoing any denture implant procedure. Any existing gum disease, decay, or infections should be treated before moving forward with denture implant procedures. Denture implants are typically recommended for individuals who have lost multiple or all of their teeth. When people have extensive tooth loss or severely damaged teeth, then denture implants may be a suitable tooth replacement option.

Also, adequate jawbone density and volume are crucial for the successful placement and stability of denture implants. The trusted doctor will evaluate the patients jawbone condition, through imaging and examinations, to determine if it can support the denture implant. The patients oral and overall health and medical history are essential considerations, as well.

Certain conditions or medications may impact the success of the tooth implants integration with the patients jawbone or their healing. The skilled doctor will assess the patient’s medical situation and determine if denture implants are a suitable tooth replacement option for them.

Lifestyle Preferences

Denture implants are a stable and secure tooth replacement option, giving the patient improved chewing capabilities and enhanced smile aesthetics. However, it’s important for the patient to consider their lifestyle and preferences before getting treated with this restorative procedure. Factors such as maintenance, cleaning, and the level of convenience desired should be discussed before patients are treated with denture implants.

What Happens During A Denture Implant Procedure?

During the patient’s initial consultation and evaluation for denture implants, the quality doctor will assess their oral health and determine if denture implants are suitable for their specific needs. A customized denture implant treatment plan is then created, taking into account factors such as the number of tooth implants required and the type of denture prosthesis that will be most beneficial for the patient.

Following the placements of the tooth implants, a healing period ensues, allowing the tooth implants to firmly integrate with the patient’s jawbone. Once integration is complete, a custom-made denture is fabricated and securely attached to the dental implants, ensuring a comfortable and functional fit.

After the denture implant procedure process, regular follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor healing and ensure the successful integration of the dental implants with the patient’s jawbone. These visits also allow for any necessary adjustments to be made and provide the patient with proper care instructions for maintaining their denture implants.


See Us Now So We Can Determine If Denture Implants Are Right For You

If you desire to embark on a transformative journey towards a brand-new smile with denture implants, then look no further than our advanced and caring office. Our esteemed team uses the latest techniques and technologies to strategically place your denture implants.

Don’t hesitate to improve the look and function of your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. George Sepiashvili, Dr. Wanda Mejia, and our exceptional team at our Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake office to schedule an appointment today!

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