Optimal Oral Health

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Researchers have found that ancient peoples who ate the tubers of purple nutsedge had very few oral health concerns. This grass, native to Africa, is considered a noxious weed in Upstate New York, but it may be behind the amazingly low number of individuals with tooth decay in a 2,000 year old burial site in central Sudan.

An analysis of skeletons at the Al Khiday 2 burial site has found signs of tooth decay in less than one percent. Researchers believe this is thanks largely to the bacteria-inhibiting properties of nut grasses in general and purple nutsedge specifically.

Advances in Dentistry

You could eat purple nutsedge to help impede the bacteria known to cause tooth decay. However, it’s more effective and probably much more pleasant to simply visit the dentist.

Whitehall dentist Dr. Wanda Mejia helps people throughout Westchester County maintain optimal oral health through biannual general dentistry visits. These visits allow us to professionally clean and polish your teeth, and give Dr. Mejia an opportunity to detect potential oral health concerns, providing swift treatments as soon as issues are detected. They also give us an opportunity to discuss your daily routine and answer any questions you may have about maintaining peak oral health.

If you are overdue for a cleaning and examination, please contact Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today. Our dentist serves Whitehall, Westchester, White Plains, and surrounding areas of New York.

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