When is it Best to Brush Your Teeth?

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Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. For optimal oral hygiene, they should be brushed after each meal and snack. But how soon after eating should teeth be brushed?

Some foods and beverages have a high level of acidity and can soften enamel after they have been consumed. Brushing immediately after eating or drinking these things can actually damage teeth by removing enamel already compromised by acids. This is why Mohegan Lake cosmetic dentist Dr. Wanda Mejia suggests waiting 30 to 40 minutes after eating to brush.

Why Waiting Matters

Saliva contains enzymes that neutralize acids for a balanced pH after eating. It also contains calcium and phosphate ions that help restore enamel that has been softened by acids. Waiting to brush your teeth allows your saliva to do its job of neutralizing acids and restoring enamel. Waiting even 30 minutes provides adequate time for these processes to take place and can reduce damage and sensitivity caused by enamel removal.

Dr. Mejia is dedicated to helping each of our patients maintain optimal oral health. During your routine visits to our office she would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional instruction on how and when to brush your teeth.

To schedule your next appointment, please contact Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today. Dr. Mejia happily sees patients from Mohegan Lake, Westchester, White Plains and surrounding areas of New York.

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