Thinking About Upgrading Your Smile To NEW YOU DENTURES™ In Mohegan Lake, NY? These Are The Reasons Why You Should

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While traditional dentures will give patients a new smile, they are not a comfortable and long-lasting tooth replacement option. For those who are tired of dealing with their traditional dentures, they should think about upgrading their smile with NEW YOU DENTURES™ in Mohegan Lake, NY. NEW YOU DENTURES™ are used to give patients a more natural looking and functional new smile.

Interested in learning more about why people should upgrade their smile to NEW YOU DENTURES? Continue reading to learn more about why people with missing teeth should upgrade their smile to NEW YOU DENTURES.

The Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Smile To NEW YOU DENTURES In Mohegan Lake, NY.

There are a number of reasons why those who wear traditional dentures should upgrade their smile with NEW YOU DENTURES. The following are the specific reasons why people should upgrade their smile from traditional dentures to NEW YOU DENTURES.

Are Customized For A Natural-Looking New Smile

When people replace their traditional dentures with NEW YOU DENTURES, their new smile can be customized to their specific needs and wants. NEW YOU DENTURES do not only enhance the aesthetic look of the patient’s smile, it also restores their dental functionality so that they can bite, chew, and speak properly.

Are Securely Fit To Prevent Jawbone Recession

One of the common concerns with traditional dentures, is their tendency to slip or shift out of place, leading to the patient having an unstable and uncomfortable new smile. NEW YOU DENTURES solve these problems because they are custom-designed to have a secure and no-slip fit.

Precisely placed NEW YOU DENTUERS will prevent the patient from losing jawbone density, so they never have to worry about their new smile becoming lose or uncomfortable in their smile. Jawbone recession is a common consequence of tooth loss, as the stimulation from a natural tooth roots are lost.

Traditional dentures, by not providing a stable or restorative fit, contribute to this problem. In contrast, NEW YOU DENTURES are designed to stay in place, minimizing the risk of the patient having to deal with jawbone recession over time

Gives A Permanent New Smile

For those seeking an even more stable tooth replacement solution than traditional dentures, NEW YOU DENTURES can also be securely held in place with dental implants. The dental implant posts are specifically made to act as artificial tooth roots that are used to be a solid foundation for the dentures to be placed on.

Using dental implants to hold the denture in place gives patients an extra layer of stability that allows them to enjoy the confidence of a fully functional new smile.

See Us Now So Your Traditional Dentures Can Be Replaced With NEW YOU DENTURES

If you’re contemplating a smile upgrade, then NEW YOU DENTURES are a reliable and proven treatment option at our caring and dedicated office. Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. George Sepiashvili and Dr. Wanda Mejia and our exceptional team at our office by Mohegan Lake, NY to schedule your consultation!

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