What Different Types of Dental Implant Options Do You Have?

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Dental implants have proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve the health and wellness for those suffering from serious teeth issues, such as cracked and missing teeth. Dental implants are so effective that in many cases they are permanent solutions for your missing or severely damaged teeth.

Dental implants are sturdy cylinder-shaped metal posts or frames that are surgically grafted into the jawbone below your gums. The implants allow your dentist to place replacement teeth onto them to restore your smile as well as the function and health of your teeth.

Implants are created from unadulterated titanium. They’re rather small and fit perfectly into the bone, under the gum, to behave and look similar to normal tooth roots. You can use them for almost every kind of tooth loss that might be troubling you. Dental implants can even be tailor-made to your specific purposes & requirements.

Types of Dental Implants

Over the years, progress in the field has helped professionals offer various kinds of dental implant options.  However, the below three are the most popular — and the most extensively used options — in descending order:


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1. Endosteal Implants

For a variety of reasons, these are considered the safest and the most common type of dental implant. They are essentially placeholder posts that look similar to screws. They are put into the jaw, at the particular place where the false teeth are afterward fitted onto. 

After the procedure, the implants don’t take much time to heal. The implants need the time to fuse with the jaw and generate a strong hold. After the implants successfully heal, false teeth are put onto the post to fit in with the neighboring teeth. These implants suit the majority of patients.

Drawback: They require a good, healthy jawbone for the post to fuse to. Without that, these just won’t work. These are a little more invasive, too, since they are put in the bone rather than on top of it.

2. Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal implants are a rare procedure that’s tailor-made for those patients who have a thin or weak jawbone that can’t support a cylinder implant. They have a metal frame that’s fitted onto the jawbone just underneath the gum tissue. As the gums cure, the frame gets firmly attached to the jawbone. Posts, which are fixed to the frame, stick out through the gums. Artificial teeth are afterward mounted onto the posts.

If the thought of something being grafted into your jawbone doesn’t much inspire you, or you have too little bone left, you may be a candidate for these implants

Drawback: Subperiosteal aren’t usually as sturdy as the endosteal implants.

3. Zygomatic Implants

This is the third popular option and ideal for those patients who have big bone loss in the upper jaw. For the process, there’s no need for bone grafting (bone augmentation). These implants are put into the zygomatic bone (cheekbone) to support the upper jaw (maxillary) teeth, dentures, not to mention bridges. In this sense, the process is miles apart from the usual ‘root form’ dental implants that are put into the jaws to restore teeth.

Drawback: You may suffer from Sinusitis even several years after these are placed.

Final Thoughts

You have many attractive dental implant choices with Endosteal Implants, Subperiosteal Implants, and Zygomatic Implants being the three most popular.  All these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that suits your particular needs and conditions the most. Check with your dentist. He will advise you on the best possible option for your mouth and way of life.

If you are looking for the best dental implant dentist in Westchester, NY, Call Advanced Dentistry today at (914) 594-6824 to schedule an appointment.

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