Why Lower Tooth Loss Rates Lead to Higher Dental Implant Demand

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Dental implants can only help if you’ve lost one or more teeth. So it would make sense if the highest demand for dental implants was in the places where people had lost the most teeth.

But that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

If we look at the top ten states where people are searching for dental implants, only one of them is in the top ten for tooth loss: Kentucky. The state where people are searching the most for dental implants is Arizona, which is ranked #47 for complete tooth loss among seniors age 65 and older!

Although this might seem counterintuitive, there are actually good reasons why New York has the 13th highest rate of dental implant searches, even though it is ranked 41st for tooth loss.


Class Plays an Important Role

We can’t neglect the role that social class plays in this equation. Numerous studies show that higher economic class (along with higher levels of education and higher levels of physical activity) are associated with a lower risk of tooth loss. That’s because people who are better off economically are more likely to get preventive dental care that protects their teeth.

But people in a higher economic class are also more able to afford dental implants if they do lose teeth. So there is likely to be more interest in dental implants in areas where people are less likely to lose their teeth.

Social Expectations Matter

Another key factor is how “normal” tooth loss is considered. In areas where a lot of people lose their teeth and dentures are common, people don’t worry about many of the effects of denture wear.

If hanging out with your friends routinely means that someone’s dentures are going to come out when they laugh or talk, then you’re not going to worry as much about keeping your own dentures in. If people you visit routinely make meals that they can eat with their marginally functional dentures, then you’re not going to worry about not being able to eat at get-togethers. And, above all, if most people have lost one or more teeth, you’re not going to worry that loose dentures will show that you’ve lost teeth.

But if you live in an area where most people have all their teeth and keep them for life, tooth loss becomes a more serious issue. You’ll appreciate the benefits of dental implants. You don’t want to be the only person whose dentures clatter on the table at your coffee klatch. You don’t want to be the only person who can’t try that amazing perfectly grilled steak. You don’t want people to think you’re unhealthy because you have lost teeth.

Because dental implants are tooth replacements that look and function like natural teeth, they are in higher demand in places where most people keep most or all of their teeth as they get older.


Dental Implants Are Right for Westchester County

Westchester County is one of the areas that has the best oral health in the country. As a result, most people retain their teeth as they get older.

When people here do need to have teeth replaced, they have very high standards for the appearance, function, and comfort. That’s why we offer the highest quality dental implant options, including All-on-4 implant dentures. Plus the training and experience of our implant dentists help us deliver the best dental implant results.

If you would like to learn more about the dental implant options we offer, please call (914) 526-2144 today for an appointment in Westchester County at Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake.

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