Common Cosmetic Dental Problems in Mohegan Lake

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Look closely and you will see that very few people enjoy a smile free of all cosmetic imperfections. For some, cosmetic issues are small enough as to be unnoticeable, but for many men and women in Mohegan Lake and throughout Westchester County, cosmetic dental problems result in feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and can even impact proper function.

Problems commonly addressed by Mohegan Lake cosmetic dentist Dr. Wanda Mejia include:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Irregularly sized or shaped teeth
  • Gaps or spaces in between teeth
  • Crooked tooth presentation
  • Staining and discoloration above and below the enamel
  • Excessive gummy tissue

Finding the Best Solution for You

There is no reason to fret over cosmetic imperfections when Dr. Mejia offers customized solutions to improve the appearance of any smile. During your free consultation our Mohegan Lake cosmetic dentist would be happy to discuss options such as:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • Tooth bonding
  • Dental implants
  • Teeth whitening

Dr. Mejia can also discuss the option of a complete smile makeover, which is ideal for addressing multiple problems and producing a noticeably more attractive and healthy-looking smile.

If you live in Westchester County, New York and are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, please call Advanced Dentistry of Mohegan Lake today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced cosmetic dentist.

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